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In this activity we are place in groups, and in my group we are four people, we are to present four games, one icebreaker, one warm up and two main activities. Mine was to deliver warm up while others do the remaining of the games. First thing we did was to make sure we are early and comfortable with the task, although it was challenging and tough but we tried our best to be composed in order to carry out the activity successfully. The activities we did include, names

Icebreaker 🙁 human rock, paper, and scissor) this game promotes bonding and helps us in trusting one another. It encourages team work and promotes better communication skills. It allows us to reveal our information in a comfortable and safe environment, to be active listener and to get on well within the team.

Warm up: (Sumba dance) this is a great game because it boosts our energy, relaxes our body and get us prepared for the next game, it is very easy to play because it involves music, dancing and physical movement, it is a great way to engage all group working together as a team.

2 Main activities: (tic tag toe relay and bean bag toes into hula hoops) these activities help us to take several steps to develop energy, ideas and trust. It physically empowers us to move more and to become active participate in the team. It helps us to follow direction, focus, trust one another and finally to have self-confident in ourselves. In this game is necessary to work together creatively, able co-operates, be patient, and have problem solving skills and active listening skills.

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The game was clear and has plain rules, well presented, and correctly relates to the topic being studied in class, we make use of understandable and creative equipment, every game we did has a start, medium and end. It was really pleasant and users friendly as well as easy to play.

At the beginning of the activity I was a bit anxious, worried, scared and fearful, but immediately after the start of the game, I become so ease and free, but I was a little bit disappointed with the game I presented because I was told by Joe that I did not follow the steps of the dance correctly, that I should try and practice more next time in order to make the steps match with the move.

I wish during the activities I have done things differently, I would have been more happier to receive good feedback to the success of the game, although it wasn’t that bad but I felt I would have done more better than what I did, other than that I am kind of satisfied that the activities was carried out successfully, but I know next time I will be more focus, and have more practice done.

In conclusion, delivery the class activity is fun and is nothing any one should be afraid of. The activity was challenging yes, but everyone had fun. To me the activity has been a huge benefit. It has helped me to recognize my weakness, which is standing in the present of all the class or group to give a lecture but the good thing about it, is that I found a way of turning it into my strength. Thanks to the team I worked with who has put in their effort together to see the game been accomplished, and also to our lecturer who has always been our inspiration.

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