Eulogy to King Duncan

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Welcome Kingsmen and friends. Today we are here to commemorate and praise a remarkable man. With heads held high, we stand here to reminisce in our fond memories of the fallen king. Together, we gather, with utmost gratitude to embrace the greatness of King Duncan, the emperor of Scotland, a father-like figure, and my loyal friend.

I want to expand my gratitude for all the relatives, kingsmen and friends who have stepped forward to embrace the greatness of King Duncan, a person who we’ve all come to love and cherish for many, many years.

The amount of people who have shown up to praise this remarkable man is only a testimony to the lives hes personally touched.

I’m sure many of us knew him through different roles: father, uncle, cousin, friend or mentor. I had the privilege of knowing him as a loyal friend; or as I personally used to call him, a valiant cousin. It is within this context that I shall shine the light on Duncan and show the greatness he possessed.

The tremendous respect I and many of you have for him is such that I do not believe any tribute I could give would do King Duncan justice. That is why I think you should think not about my words, but what King Duncan meant to you personally.

Before I embark on this journey, I’d like you to imagine one word that comes to mind when you hear the name King Duncan. Well, to be honest, there really is no specific word to choose from.

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There are a multitude of adjectives that come to mind: selfless, humorous, benevolent, humble, honest and courageous.

Yes, yes. Buy it to them MacBeth! Do not reveal yourself at any cost. Do this for your loving wife. Imagine what the future holds for you right after this speech!

I still remember the delightful conversations with him on warm Saturday mornings while listening to the melodic tunes of birds singing, and gazing at the finely-tuned land. Even when I’m feeling let down or am drowning in my own problems, he’d be right there, offering advice and brushing the weight off my shoulders. The man treated me as a king more than himself. He treated me like his own son, and that goes to show the compassion he had towards everyone. He put the whole country’s welfare above his and seeked, like a gardner to nurture and grow the kingdom which was his responsibility.

Slipping up there MacBeth. Don’t go into too much detail, it’d be too great for your mind to handle.

Even when facing destruction, he never let anything affect the seed that’s growing the kingdom and was only concerned about people’s safety. He took sacrifices himself in order to benefit others, and I think thats the beauty of this gracious man. Unless it’s not clear yet, the man is comprised of golden blood, and illuminated everyone’s lives.

He was the one that made you who you are today, Thane of Glamis, how can you not see that? How can you take this path of trearchy?

When facing tyranny, he never harmed anyone that oppressed against him and didn’t betray his people. I think people have to realise the dangers that come with being a King. The over excessive power can have fatal impacts, but Duncan never used it to his advantage. He never overstepped his boundaries and followed things in a gracious manner.

King Duncan’s unattainable standards and reputations consolidate his career, and I’d have to go on for days to list them all. I will forever be grateful for the wise words hes given, and am humbled by his goodwill. He may not have known it, but Duncan fulfilled an important role in my life. He was like a father, an uncle and big brother mashed up into one. He shaped me into the man I am today. There are no words that I can use to express my gratitude.

You’re in a loss of words my friend. Now you see it. The things hes done. The sacrifices he made for you. He provided you with hope, with passion and looked after you like a king, yet you just stand here and knowingly put on a facade.

Although now that hes gone, theres nothing but a spiral of chaos in Scotland. The land will never be like the land without him. No more melodic tunes run through the country but the echoes of ravens squawking. The natural order of life has been disrupted due to this, but I, MacBeth am still here remaining loyal to the ex-king and hope to upkeep the traditions hes started.

You’re damn right. Look what you’ve done to not only yourself but the people around you. How can you even live with the thought of having murder, let alone commiting regicide? I fear for your safety Macbeth, give it up all at once before it gets worse. Be the rightful man and take what you deserve.

Goodbye King Duncan. The legacy of love and happiness and the glories of battle should not be forgotten. He will be missed dearly.

Stop at once before the pain is too unbearable!

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Eulogy to King Duncan
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