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Ethan DucoteScience Fair Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Nutrition

Ethan Ducote

Science Fair

What Deer Feed Attracts More Deer?( Corn, Soybeans, or Rice Bran)

Many people in this modern world often wonder, what deer attractant will bring in more deer? In our project my partner and I will be experimenting and seeing what deer feed attracts more deer.

Our first website we chose to use is . On this website, it tells what feed deer favor and which feed is better. On Mike’s Backyard Nursery, Mike, thinks deer corn is the best. For instance, if there is a corn field right down the road, you may not attract more deer to a food plot of more corn. Choose wisely and conduct research to find the best food plot resources. On Mike’s Backyard Nursery, Mike, also recommends salt-blocks and sweet-smelling-apples. Mike says that most sporting good stores carry these salt blocks and other cider blocks. He also says,”Put the block on the edge of your property, near a food plot, or beside a feeder.” Mike also recommends sweet-smelling- apples. In the text it says, “Deer cannot resist the sweet smelling aromas that come from apples, so use this to your advantage in attracting them. It is suggested that you consider planting apple or crab apple trees along the perimeter of the yard.”

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The next website we used is On this website, they state,”Corn is likely the best agriculture-related food available to deer. It’s very high in carbs, something deer need to survive in cold weather.” It also states, beans are also high in carbs, and that not many soybeans get dropped on the ground, so you will usually have to hunt in a non-harvested bean field. This website says, that corn, like soybeans, is also very high in carbs. Also, it says that farmers do not waste much grain, it says it isn’t like it used to be 15 or 20 years ago.

The final website I used was On this website, they say, An easy meal provided by a corn pile, a feeder filled with grain mix or liquid deer bait is almost impossible to resist. It also says,”The nutritional demands of the breeding season, surviving through harsh winter conditions, and regaining lost nourishment expended during the rut drive deer to seek the most nutrient dense feed supply possible. He also says, you have to be careful because some states do not allow feeding and deer attractant. They also site that some states allow feeding, but restrict the distance on how far away the feed can be dumped. Another thing he says is that deer feed may dumped but it has to be removed 10 days prior to hunting. He says, food plots with corn, milo, turnips, clover, alfalfa, and peas are great deer attractants. They also say to be careful if the wind changes because deer can smell 500 to 1000 times better than humans can smell.

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