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Notre Dame Essays

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A College Football Playoff?

Every year thousands of NCAA division one football players shed blood, tears, and sweat with the goal of reaching a championship bowl game. Unfortunately, roughly half of all of these football players never make it close to contention for one of the top four prestigious bowls that make up the Bowl Championship Series. This series…


chapter 24…..________ envisioned the social contract as a bond between individuals who surrendered some portion of their freedom to a sovereign authority. a. John Locke b. Thomas Hobbes c. Montesquieu d. Diderot b. Thomas Hobbes ________ saw government as an agent of the people, bound to exercise the will of the majority. a. John Locke…

pop quiz #2 music 1010

The earliest polyphonic works were called organum development of polyphony was centered in? France The medieval genre that employed polytextual settings was the motet The songs of the troubadours and trouvères were generally monophonic with instrumental accompaniment She was an Abbess, composer and author Hildegard of Bingen He was the earliest known composer at Notre…



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Humanistic Traditions Final Exam

What was the biggest threat to the Roman Empire as early as the first century B.C.E.? The Germanic Tribes What was the group who was responsible for the infamous sack of Rome in which much of the ancient city was destroyed? Vandals What is the bond of loyalty between chieftain and his warriors called? Fealty…

Quiz 5 Study Guide

Richly decorated medieval manuscripts are described as ___. Illuminated Medieval pilgrims traveled to a cathedral to see ___. Relics. Pointed arches are found in ___. Gothic style architecture. ___ describes the culture that gave rise to Romanesque architecture. Synthesis Who described the cosmos as an intricately arranged hierarchy? Dante The best example of early Gothic…

Chapter 21

What was the period of romanticism in western literature and arts? a movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that marked the reaction in literature, philosophy, art, religion, and politics from the neoclassicism and formal orthodoxy of the preceding period. What did a man named William Mortan do? was an American dentist who first publicly…

CSTU 101 Ch 1-24

In order to “reinvent” art in the modern age, Pablo Picasso returned to the classical models of the Greco-Roman tradition for his inspiration. (24) False What word best describes the response of writers and artists to the aftermath of the Great War? (24) classicism integration fragmentation romanticism fragmentation World War I probably impacted the cultural…

Test #1 Medieval and Renaissance

which of the following does NOT describe life in the medieval cloister? being at the center of trade and commerce who is traditionally associated with collecting and organizing the chants of the church Pope Gregory the Great a setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called syllabic in addition to composing music,…

Music History 1A

Music can be defined as An art based on the organization of sounds in time In general, the smaller the vibrating element, the____its pitch higher Tone color is synonymous with _____ timbre Plucking the string with the finger instead of using a bow is called_____ pizzicato Brass instruments did not acquire valves until the middle…

Music 101 Midterm Speedbacks

Lessons 1-3: Pavanes are often paired with galliards Which of the following is not a chief characteristic of the late medieval motet? stratified texture intricate and complex rhythmic combinations dissonant harmonies! smooth, regular rhythms and long, lyrical melodies Which of the following is not a characteristic of Notre Dame organum? the first use of fixed…

KINE 4000 Psychology of Sport

Educational sport psychologists usually have years of training in a. Psychology b. Education c. Sport and exercise science d. Sociology e. Educational psychology c. Sport and exercise science The LEAST reliable method of obtaining knowledge is a. Introspection b. Intuition c. Shared experience d. A single case study e. Systematic observation b. Intuition Coleman Griffith…

Music 12-15

Pope Gregory traditionally associated with collecting and organizing the chants of the church triadic harmonies which doesn’t characterize gregorian chant there is no harmony why does gregorian chant sound so different from other types of western music syllabic a setting of gregorian chant with one note per syllable neumatic a setting of gregorian chant with…

NAQT Literature Frequency list 1-300

Hamlet (William) Shakespeare The Tempest (William) Shakespeare Macbeth (William) Shakespeare Iliad Homer Pride and Prejudice (Jane) Austen Moby-Dick (Herman) Melville The Great Gatsby (F. Scott) Fitzgerald Paradise Lost (John) Milton Faust (Johann Wolfgang von) Goethe King Lear (William) Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice (William) Shakespeare 1984 (George) Orwell A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William) Shakespeare The…

Research Paper Topics

To start is the most difficult part of writing. Topic selection is that crucial moment when you begin the process. The theme of your article determines a lot of significant aspects: research, structuring, examples. If your research paper topics are not relevant to the subject, you may lose valuable points for the final grade. Choosing…

What is Discipleship?

The word “disciple” means, “follower or adherent of any leader of thought, art or conduct”. In Christianity it means to follow the teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ. It is a challenging way of life to be a disciple and you must be willing to devote your mind, strength and soul to God. There are…

romantic writers

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe one of the greatest figures of Western literature, wrote “The Sorrows of the Young Werther” , focused on the heroic genius that succeeds in spite of society, wrote “Faust” which was the first work to portray the Devil as the gentleman Mephistopheles Grimm Brothers collected and published local German fairy tales,…

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