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Casual Essays

To utilize our casual essays, simply click on the topic you need or just use the search field to find the need casual topics and ideas. This is completely easy in terms of researching before you actually start writing your essay based on those casual ideas.

August 7, 1942, ?°Large force of ships, unknown number or types, entering the sound.What can they be??±Tapped a Japanese radio operator, stationed on the island of Tulagi, neighboring Guadalcanal.This was the beginning of a pivotal battle at Guadalcanal, which would lead to the road to Tokyo and victory.The battle that lasted over six months presented…


At fifteen minutes past eight, on August 6th, 1945, the United States of America’sfirst atomic bomb hit the city of Hiroshima. In attempt to gauge the destruction wrought, and to determine the plausibility for a second bombardment, a team was sent to determine the degree of success and immediate damage incurred upon both Hiroshima and…

Good Morning Vietnam Summary

The movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” Directed by Barry Levinson and written by Mitch Markowitz Had a solid view, that was portrayed in many ways, on the roles of the North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, and American Soldiers. It also depicted a clear picture of the Vietnamese Civilians and Viet Cong. The film began with a clear-cut…

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Casual Analysis

Child Abuse- Casual Analysis Throughout the world there are plenty of problems within countries and cities. One problem that is happening worldwide is child abuse. When most people think about child abuse they think of a child not being able to eat dinner or a child that doesn’t have clean clothes. This is very stereotypical…

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