What Factors Contribute Phone?

The following example essay on “What Factors Contribute Phone?” is an analysis of lessons that can be learned when developing and launching mobile products and data services.

While some of these lessons may be considered specific to Apple, most of them can be replicated by other Smartened manufacturers and potentially even other technology providers:

  1. Demographics – Target the right group of adopters: Apple targeted young, technology-savvy individuals rather than a business. While other Smartened and mobile data and Internet services targeted business, phone proved there is a strong market in personal use.

    Rather than assuming an initial target of business, and expecting consumers to follow, it is possible to reverse this, targeting personal usage first with business usage following.

  2. User Preferences – unreason Ana meets preferences: Apple Touches on entertainment applications Ana services rather than business applications, clearly meeting the needs of their consumers. By fully understanding user preferences and designing content and applications that meet these preferences, there is a largely untapped market potential n mobile data and Internet products and services.

  3. Culture – Find and exploit cultural niches: While culture varies by country and within countries, it is important for the phone to find cultural ‘niches’ that it could fill. These cultural niches have been filled for the most part through the applications and services provided, rather than the mobile devices, indicating that regardless of the hardware platform, cultural preferences can be met through software and content.
  4. Technology – Hardware plays a ‘best-supporting role: While phone understood that applications and content were cost important, an element of control over the hardware and technology was necessary for success.

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    The phone achieved success through Apple’s core competency in product innovation, ensuring that the phone was highly functional and capable of producing a rich mobile Internet browsing experience. Thus it is highly important to ensure that technology plays a strong supporting role in applications and content.

  5. Business Model – Develop a business model based on core competencies: The device-centric business model of the phone  has been the strongest factor in its success. The phone launch went against traditional wireless equines models and showed that device manufacturers could successfully control the necessary portions of the value chain and allow all players to be profitable and successful.
  6. Marketing – Focus on fulfilling consumer needs: For the phone, Apple markets the services provided, rather than the hardware, focusing on what the products and services can do for the consumer, rather than the specifications. The key to success is not focusing on products, but rather the fulfillment of consumer needs.
  7. Service Providers – Maintain control through content access and distribution: Apple understood that applications and intent are best left for third parties to develop, but maintaining control over access and distribution (including security) were the key elements of the value chain where it had core competencies. It proved that you do not need to perform the tasks in every part of the value chain, but rather coordinate and control the value chain to allow success for all players.
  8. Regulatory – Make regulations work for you: Rather than working against regulations, Apple has accepted the regulatory factors and worked within them to launch products and services that comply yet achieve high levels of.

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What Factors Contribute Phone?
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