Essay Example on Antigone Feminism

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The following sample essay on “Antigone Feminism”: showing feminism trough female characters in films.

In Stephen King’s classic horror movie, Carrie (1976) the main character, which is a young teen named Carrie White, portrays monstrous features that make everyone around her petrified. These “monstrous features” that come about are a result of Carrie not only being a high school outcast, but because she is becoming a woman as she goes through puberty, and receives her first menstrual cycle. Carrie’s mother, Margaret, perceives her daughter’s menstruation as a consequence of sin.

Through this period, Carrie discovered that she had telekinetic powers, and because she has this advantage over everyone who has ever belittled her, she uses her powers to slaughter them. The movie Carrie is not the only film that has shown a woman as a victim right before hitting puberty. The Exorcist does as well.

Writer William Peter Blatty was best known for his film, The Exorcist (1973). The 12-year-old female protagonist, Regan, is possessed by the devil.

Regan is possessed before her hitting puberty; therefore, she is metamorphized by the devil in the same way she would be by womanhood. As a result of this, Regan becomes more masculine. The only way Regan can be retrieved from this nightmare is through a priest, making it apparent that Regan’s life relies on the decisions of a man. This is evidence to prove that males have authority over women. Just as The Exorcist, The Poltergeist too has a dark spirit(s) encaptivating a young girl.

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In 1982, Steven Spielberg released the movie, The Poltergeist. The movie represents a family who has just moved into a new house which to them, is unknowingly being haunted by spirits. The only person in the house that seems to notice the spirits are the Freelings youngest daughter, Carol Anne. Carol Anne is strangely appeased by the TV, which doesn’t even work, it only transfers static. Carol continuously wakes up in the middle of the night just to speak to the “TV people,” which eventually end up sucking her into a porta…

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