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Environment Essay Examples

Animal Overpopulation

If there was ever an outbreak of wild animals like deer and boars would destroy everything in their path. National Geographic (n. D. ) produced information on the deer tick. They are feared by humans because of their ability to transmit a debilitating virus named Lame disease. Lame disease’s true name is bacterium Barriers buffering…

Natural Disasters

Central Introduction: people have always tried to understand the natural world in which they live. In early times, they created myths to explain their experiences with fire, flood and other violent forces. Over the centuries, new scientific discoveries added to their knowledge. Yet, nature continues to affect human lives and people till seek to record…

Global Warming : causes, effects and remedies

The prevailing scientific view is that most of the temperature increases since mid-20th century has been caused by increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations produced by human activity. Most scientists agree that planet’s temperature has risen 0. 5 degree Celsius since 1900 and will continue to increase at an increasing rate. As result, the world…



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Improper Waste Disposal

Non-biodegradable is a type of waste that cannot be broken down by other living organisms. Acknowledgement The researchers would like to thank their parents who were always supporting them in all of their needs and activities doing their research and survey and they would like also to thank their teacher-in-charge Ms. Lily Quench for her…

Overpopulation Better Education

One of these has been the ability to save lives and create better medical treatment for all. A direct result Of this has been increased lifespan and the growth Of the population. In the past fifty or so years, the growth of population has boomed and has turned into overpopulation. In the history of our…

Waste Disposal on Cat Ba Island

In the land, Cat Baa has only one landfill, Dong Throng. It is not far from Hung Son block( about km), the point of storing rubbish through all sites of Cat Baa and surrounding areas with the volume of mm/ day. Each day, the rubbish is buried and prayed three times. However, the landfill has…

How To Reduce Air Pollution

For instance, people in our country can use handy craft products and do their farm by the human being like doing farm in a traditional way without using any kind of tractors. Furthermore, for the products which are made by machines, such as paper, bottles, cans, or plastic bags, we should re-use and recycle them…

Global Warming: The Overlooked Man-Made Disaster

Man-made disasters are the consequence of technological or human hazards. Examples include stampedes, fires, transport accidents, industrial accidents, oil spills and nuclear explosions/radiation. War and deliberate attacks may also be put in this category. As with natural hazards, man-made hazards are events that have not happened, for instance terrorism. Man-made disasters are examples of specific…

Pollution is a consistent demolition of the Earth

Some people might think that using plastic bottles doesn’t even affect our impute on pollution but it actually is one of the major causes of pollution in the ocean. Pollution is pressing issue that only we can solve through time and effort. So why does it really matter if we fix it? To save our…

Natural Disasters and Decisions That Flow

The unpredictable natural disasters’ effect on different industries and the wrong decisions that may follow the occurrence of such disasters may be due to: inaccurate forecasting of weather, inaccurate planning and risk analysis, also the governments and organizations over confidence in their ability to take decision and over come the risks. Also, insufficient financial support…

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