Business for Future Generation

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Thesis Title: Business for Future Generation

Thesis Statement: The growing amount of schools offering Entrepreneurship program is an indicator of people are getting into businesses.


Entrepreneurship Popularity

Increase in school offering Entrepreneurship

Importance of Entrepreneurship

Positive Effect of Entrepreneurship

Effects of Entrepreneurship in the economy

Effects of Entrepreneurship in employment

Future Generation Involves in Business

Financially Stable

Positive Mindset

Business for Future Generation

Entrepreneurship has now become more relevant to students.

Students who take Entrepreneurship program has now become more knowledgeable about a problem in the Philippines which is the unemployment rate of 5.4 percent, but this is the lowest unemployment rate the Philippines ever recorded, because last July 2017, Philippine Statistics Authority recorded 5.7 percent unemployment rate. As the Statistics shows a now decreasing unemployment rate this just means that more people are getting into businesses which gives unemployed people a chance to find a job.

The Entrepreneurship program has contributed greatly to the awareness of this problem and gives importance to give much more attention to aid it, this just shows that the growing amount of schools offering Entrepreneurship program is an indicator of people are getting into businesses.

The ratio of students who graduate as an employee and as an employer has a big gap in between, resulting to graduate students not being able to get a job immediately, that is why more schools are now offering the Entrepreneurship Program to lessen the gap of students who graduated or who are still studying to become an employee and the students who graduated or still studying to become an employer.

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The Entrepreneurship Program aims to help the country’s economic system and to solve the problem of our society through the way or view of an entrepreneur.

A lot of people is now creating a business that will result to future families who will automatically expose their children to the business world where business is their priority. These children will be taught on how to think and act like an Entrepreneur, thus giving another opportunity of longevity and innovation of their business in current and future society. This could be a key for their children to become future ready and financially stable.

Entrepreneurship helps to lessen the rate of unemployed people through creating a business that will provide more jobs. This will result to a domino effect, for instance; more productive people will lead to much more productive company or business that will result to economic growth, since big businesses pay taxes that will give more money to the government, resulting to much better opportunities that awaits our government, we all know that for everything to function is we will be needing money, and more money the government has, the more projects will come for the development of our country. According to Mehta (2019), “Unemployment is a big problem that affects the economic growth of one country, problems will arise in different levels such as; Exploitation of Labor, Industrial Disputes, Political instability, social problem and lastly an increase in poverty.”

The Entrepreneurship program has contributions in the economic growth of a country and for its citizens. Entrepreneurship help us to view economic problems in a different way which develops us to have a more positive perspective and approach towards it. Entrepreneurship always provide new and innovative solution to every problem they encounter. Entrepreneurship plays a big part on one economy situation and problem.


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