Enlightenment by Anne Chaplet Review

Commissioner Giorgio DeLange and three colleagues from the Frankfurt police are in an exchange program in Peru. are – (we bathe in blood “Nos bañamos en la sangre”) The sightseeing tour bus – – Machu Picchu and Cuzco, 3,400 m above sea level and the numerous horror stories of tour guide about the atrocities of the Spanish conquerors and the bloody local rites DeLange severely beaten on the stomach and mind.

Before leaving for Frankfurt DeLange eager to visit the location for Ayla. There, in the seventies, three German who lived for a time, among them the very wealthy and influential financial advisor Dr.

Karl-Heinz Neumann from Frankfurt. As hippies they wanted to faithfully here the motto “Love and Peace” indulge in unbridled freedom.

The Peruvian colleague Tomás tries DeLange dissuade his plan. Ayla is a dangerous place, “the cradle of evil.” Here the movement “Sendero Luminoso” ( “Shining Path”), founded by Professor Abimael Guzmán to the Indians to “liberate” was born. But the group became increasingly radical, soon it was pure terrorists who brought death instead of freedom and equality in the villages.

Who them not joined, was massacred brutally.

What role did Dr. Neumann, then called Charlie, played in this organization? The respected citizens of Frankfurt lead an honorable life; one of its activities is to manage the donations account of a charity organization whose patron is his wife Margot von Braun. But he has probably just built up this facade to cover up behind crime in a big way?

As soon back in Frankfurt, will be upgraded DeLange in the archive department down (a completely unspannende, unmotivated, unnecessary action).

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He is also beaten up and given a very clear message: If he continues to deal with the past Neumann, his life is not only threatened, but also that of his daughters and his girlfriend, the prosecutor Karen Strong but DeLange knows what he has to do: Klammheimlich he flies back to Lima, to bring light into the darkness of the “Shining path”. Of course, he informed anyone of his whereabouts.

Lima and Little Rhoda are two worlds, as they could not be more different, yet they share a years not enlightened crime: When Neumann in 1968 deposed to Peru, his roommate Alexandra disappeared without a trace Raabe.

What a downfield pass for a super exciting, visually stunning thriller in exotic locations with sharp social and cultural contrasts based on historical events shocking! But unfortunately, the author does not exploit the potential of its concept by far. The determining on for years the fortunes of Peru’s Maoist leader Abimael Guzmán – passed in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison – appears only as a name on the edge, and his communist organization “Sendero Luminoso” reduces the author to the brutal, bloody slaughter of the terrorists and the them following the military – the start time in the sixties, in the tragic development of the country took its course and where but also Charly Neumann worked, she hides too much. So disappointing. I had a lot more informative, controversial and draft hoped.

During the Hessian Commissioner in Peru researched small Rhoda becomes a place of horror, where to find a new funeral every day, her face beyond recognition smashed. And as promised, DeLanges daughters and Karen Stark threatened actually massive. Well, who probably has a motive to want to succeed so uninhibited and even for murder brutally always in the same way?

But be careful! Love, hate, late retaliation – which can sometimes rather arrange these motives confused, designed covered and performed not entirely convincing to an end, but Anne Chaplets “enlightenment” is now again not too plain. After a great start he loses stop unfortunately, and is average.

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Enlightenment by Anne Chaplet Review
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