Enigma in luogo di mare | The secret of the Pineta by Carlo Fruttero, Franco Lucentini Review

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This crime should read if you are lazy in Pineta on the beach (for example, in the province of Grosseto) in the hammock. The action takes place namely in one of the many holiday home areas which were quite nice built into the Tyrrhenian Sea, at best, in the pine forests. The owner of the house earn (ed) their money in the cities and spend seaside summer weeks. In winter, the extensive grounds – has described here 150 villette – largely empty, rotten a bit to herself and be kept by a sleepy security guard in the eye.

At most, over the Christmas holidays returns in some bungalows life one.

From all this Fruttero and Lucentini tell long, wide, amusing and vividly until we are aware of all the important people and their peculiarities and about the middle of her book something exciting happens: Count Delaude and the couple Zeme have disappeared; on the beach you will find the remains of the former, who was slain; and then sets the educational work one in which course we realize why the authors have previously so much trouble to thoroughly prepare … As a detective honorary be operated the wise roommate Signor Montfori, but its creators do not make it easy for him.

the end is then pretty exciting, brings a big surprise – and is therefore a well-designed masterpiece, have interpreted as any tracks that Fruttero and Lucentini before, even the smallest, are brought together harmoniously

<. p> A real crime thriller or reality -Thriller course, is not this novel.

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More important than action and crackling tension is the author pair of fine observation holds his staff, the variety of characters, views, living conditions, many quirks and little adventure – and their pretty ironic presentation obviously preparing as much pleasure as the readers reading. Between the lines

Good entertainment so you can see with what keen eye, the authors some typical characteristic identify their compatriots and pull winking through the mud. With this fun “society crime”. But be careful – do not fall asleep in the hammock! Read nice attention

PS: Just (06.04.2013) published an inexpensive paperback edition in Italy by Mondadori, which is probably also soon be available here: Carlo Fruttero / Franco Lucentini : buy “Enigma in luogo di mare” with (opens new browser tab) “img style =” border: 0; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 0px; ” src = “pics/buy-from–s.gif” alt = “Carlo Fruttero / Franco Lucentini:” Enigma in luogo di mare “in buy (opens new browser tab)” > code. – Spending the German translation “The Secret of Pineta”, however, are only second hand available


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