English SBA Cannabis Legalization Issue





Name of student: Aneeza Johnson

Centre number: 090003

Class: Grade 11 Science

Territory: Guyana

Teacher: Nikita James


The researcher would like to thank God for his guidance, her parents, group members, and most of all her extinguish English teacher for her guidance in making the completion of this SBA a success.


Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names is a psychoactive drug from cannabis plant used for medical and recreational purposes.

In this SBA the researcher will be focusing on the subtopic “Legalization of Cannabis” seeking to know how it would benefit to a country’s economy.

Plan of Investigation

The researcher’s group chose the topic “cannabis” hence her subtopic “legalization of cannabis”. The reason why the researchers chose this topic is because cannabis and its legalization is a prominent issue world wide and was found to be a good source of stimulation for the economy.

The benefits the researcher plan to achieve after completing this SBA as an English student is to enhance her research, vocabulary as well as her spelling skills.

The researcher intend to collect relevant information from the internet or text books for a print, an audio from youtube and a visual from snaptube.


During the research for artefacts the researcher obtained three valuable pieces reflecting her subtopic. The researcher’s printed artefact a poem by Carmen krustinger overlooked reasons why marijuana should be legalized .The poet expounded on the fact that making marijuana legal will decrease the sorrows and sickness of man kind yet develop a country by creating job opportunities for the people .

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The by Uwe Banton titled “The cannabis song” emphasizes in his lyrics “if you know the roots of it you will find the use of it” meaning using marijuana for its creative ability featuring what it have been used for back and scarcely today by the Rastafarian brothers and sisters for their worship and sacrament and by doctors to care medical aliments. More over for visual artefact by Raphel, which shows that the economy can grow by cannabis, saving tax revenues and also by giving people a chance to make a better version of themselves. The crime rate will also decrease by giving the people a choice which will also lead to less homeless and poor families since majority of them will be making money.

The printed artefact written by Carmen krustinger contained sentences which were quite understandable and simple .This piece was in standard English .The researcher further understood her printed artefact with the use of emotional language and a rhetorical question in a paragraph of the last stanza in the poem .In the audio artefact had a welcoming voice of a middle age man sharing his views on the legalization of cannabis from his own point of view as a Rastafarian which was quite inspirational, in his lyrics he used his Jamaican accent to have a shorter acronym to relate it back to his culture and to give a little rhythm and rhyme to it which made it must easier for me to grasp and understand .The visual artefact was an animated slideshow using pictures and dialogues sharing his views on how the economy will benefit from the legalization of the drug cannabis using standard English and statistics.

The researcher then asked herself a question “ why would they stay in a non-developed/developing country, when there are other means in developing it. The reason why the researcher chose her subtopic “ legalization of Marijuana” is because she believes that many countries can benefit from the hemp plant other than having it illegal and having society use it as a popular mean just to get high temporary. With this being apart of their mentality instead of benefiting they are robing themselves and country of creating wealth for many nations ,funds for education and a multibillion new way of better taxation. Doing this school base assessment it improved my researching skills, English language and way of thinking.

Written Report

The SBA based on cannabis was a success after a lot of researches done. While pursuing the SBA, the researchers were placed into groups . In the groups they discussed various topics among themselves and then settled on cannabis. The group members each wrote a plan of investigation and introduction. They then chose four different subtopics to research on and found their subtopic. The group members checked each others artefact to see if it was pertaining to their subtopic before going to the teacher to confirm it . Altogether, twelve artefacts were collected. The group members got the print and audio artefact without a problem but had some difficulty finding the visual/video artefact.

The researchers got together discussed and chose three artefact that gave then a better understanding on the topic “cannabis” . The printed piece of artefact entitled “where am I, who am I” lyla lost. This piece was selected by the group members because it gave them a better idea since the poet used clear simple language and words. The poem is based on a person who was addicted to marijuana and can’t go a day without having to smoke it .The visual piece selected is a video based on the five common marijuana addiction symptoms, it was uploaded on youtube by Maria. She explained each symptoms to give her viewers a clear understanding on marijuana .The audio piece entitled “ The roots of it” by UWE BANTON is based on how society caused cannabis to appear to the world as a bad drug when that’s a lie. The artist also highlighted in his lyrics that the drug had been used for thousand of years but now there is a law holding it back, when they should be using it for the right purposes since it is a natural, useful ,helpful and a precious gift from god used for many spiritual rituals.

From the researches done for this SBA, it had an intellectual outcome on all the researchers, upon studying and analysing each artefact , the researchers had different change of minds on each subtopic.


It is harmless, it is useful ,it is natural .The legalization of cannabis could mean game changing ,new taxation and a better education. Cannabis is a drug being used all around this world which is now proven to have many beneficial purposes.

To begin with ,cannabis had been able to create many jobs whether direct or indirect over the year which was found to provide more than many governmental jobs .Pot growers or distributers of both recreational and medical side (to be continued)

Secondly cannabis is said to have a medical back ground where it is being to help treat symptoms of illness and other conditions .The herb is most commonly used to prevent seizure and is a good alternative of pain fighting and is a more safer and natural one.(to be continue)


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