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Dilution is achieved by controlling the flow of process water from the dilution tank TAB 1201 into the mixer GAL. 1230. Process water flow rate is controlled to achieve the desired density of the mixed solution. The now diluted C-molasses solution flows into the vapor condensate EAI 1204, where it is preheated by the condensing…

Chemistry Personal Statement

Students who are studying their Masters course would already know the significance of writing an appealing Chemistry personal statement. They have had their share of experience of writing these difficult statements just like any other undergraduate. A personal statement or a statement of purpose helps the applicant in distinguishing his application from dozens of other…

Computer Engineering

Requirement or Elective, Primary Technical Core Laboratory, Secondary Technical Core Laboratory, Primary Technical Core Requirement, Secondary Technical Core Requirement, Primary Technical Core Mathematics, Secondary Technical Core Mathematics, Fourth Year: Introduction to Engineering Design, Senior Design Project, Secondary Technical Core Requirement Primary Technical Core Elective, Primary Technical Core Elective, Primary Technical Core Elective, GOV, American History….

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Introduction Robotics has revolutionized the way industries operate, the way items are built, and the way society lives. Robotics is a fairly new technological advance that has made lives easier, and has provided a breakthrough for many operations and businesses. In a way, robotics is the future for businesses as well as the future of…

During the Spanish colonial period there were no Filipino

During the Spanish colonial period, there were no Filipino civil engineers. The Spaniards made us think that we were inferior to them, suppressing our abilities and skills to build, design, and plan any structure during those times. On the brighter aspect, many infrastructures were built at the time, integrating the European standards in the installations…

gilbane gold

Gilbane Gold case study tells a story about a company called Z CORP which produces computer parts, which results in the arsenic and lead downstream discharge in the city’s sewer system. The waste in the sewer system is taken and dried. That dried sludge is used and sold to the farmers as fertilizers. The city…

I Want To Be An Engineer Essay

How to become an Engineer? Engineers use their imagination and analytical skills to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are team players with independent minds who turn ideas into reality. Many become licensed professional engineers (P. E. s) in order to better protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. By dreaming…

The Contribution of Women to Electrical Engineering Is Very Important

The contribution of women to electrical engineering is very important. As a result, many women are inspired and motivated to join the electrical engineering career. This begs the question of what should be done to promote the idea of many women entering the profession. The answer to such a question is not easy because the…

The Application on Biomimicry Which Give Designers and Engineers a Lot of Inspiration

There are a lot of examples of the application on biomimicry which give designers and engineers a lot of inspiration. The one is that the design of bullet train, engineers reshaped the nose of the train to emulate a kingfisher, which allowed it to enter the station soundlessly, like a kingfisher diving into the water…

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