endelyn Lucero History of Graphic Design Professor Taubor September

endelyn Lucero

History of Graphic Design

Professor Taubor

September 11, 2019

Biscuits Champagne Lef?vre-Utile

Alphonse Mucha’s poster ‘Biscuits Champagne – Lef?vre-Utile’ is an advertisement created in 1896 for a cookie company that is geared towards individuals with wealth. The piece is printed in color lithography and contains depth while also creating a sense of perspective through the utilization of inserting people in the background in a smaller scale and limiting the crowd’s color palette to various shades of a single hue.

The main focus of the piece is the 3 individuals who occupy the majority of the foreground within the piece. The two women and one male present are wearing large, elegant clothing. The brunette on the lower left side is wearing a red dress and holds a large Victorian-era fan on her left hand, while the blonde one the upper right side is wearing a pale white dress. The male who is sitting next to the blonde female wears a black suit with a white dress shirt, accompanied by white gloves.

The three individuals gathered in figure 1 seem to be enjoying Lef?vre-Utile’s biscuits. Based on the surrounding environment and how the individuals are dressed in this advertisement, one can say that the biscuits being portrayed in the piece are meant for prosperous people. The bottles of champagne sitting next to the male figure, the posture of the three individuals demonstrate to the viewers that the product being sold is not an item that the common people can acquire. Mucha’s intentions were clear when creating the piece and by “creating [an] elegant environment” around the group, he was successfully able to “[rebrand] the cookies as a luxury commodity.

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The brown display type ‘Biscuits Champagne’ is in decorative capital letters while the type ‘Lef?vre-Utile’; the brand logo, is located underneath and contains a blue tint to it, to allow the viewers to be able to identify the brand that makes more than three appearances within the poster. Besides the product sitting next to the display types, the brand logo can be seen carved on wood behind the male, on the pillow that the blonde female figure is sitting on, and finally, the box from the brand is sitting on a table in the background.

Alphonse Mucha was born in 1860 in the southern part of Moravia. He was an “extraordinarily prolific and versatile artist who made his mark in the diverse fields of design – including posters, jewelry, interior decoration, theatre, packaging, and product design.”2. His works of art started in 1892, where he produced lithographs that were used for items such as books and magazines. Due to his amazing art pieces, he was able to get a job where he provided an “emergency design for a poster announcing Sarah Bernhardt’s appearance in Gismonda. Almost at once, Mucha became a popular figure in Parisian art circles, and found himself with commissions (and income) beyond his fondest hopes.”3. Chocolat Id?al and Lef?vre-Utile were some of many companies that Mucha has advertised worked with in order to promote their items.


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