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Riverside leisure Centre

Riverside Leisure Centre is situated in Chelmsford, Essex and is owned by Chelmsford Borough Council. They have had only one reported unauthorised entry to the complex in the last five years. The complex contains three swimming pools, an outdoor, heated indoor and a toddler indoor. It also has a Techno gym, ice rink, sports hall,…

Database security and encryption

Introduction Administrations are progressively trusting on the distributed information systems to derive productiveness and efficiency advantages, but at the same clip are going more vulnerable to security menaces. Database systems are an built-in constituent of this distributed information system and keep all the information which enables the whole system to work. A database can be…

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ENCRYPTED CLOUD STORAGE SEARCH Aparnaa M .1 Dr.T.Kalaikuamran. 4 Bhuvaneswari M.2 Professor &Head HariPrasad S.3 Department of Computer [email protected] Science & Engineering [email protected] SNS College of Technology, [email protected] Coimbatore . [email protected] [email protected] SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore . Abstract – Cloud computing has generated a lot of interest within the analysis community in the recent…

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keygeneration - Copy

Key Generation and Encryption Using Laplace Transform for Data Security in Cloud P Namratha C Shoba Bindu S SriLakshmi Research Scholar Department of CSE Department of CSE Department of Mathematics JNTUA JNTUA JNTUA Anantapur, INDIA Anantapur, INDIA Anantapur, INDIA Abstract—Cloud storage is a service model that maintains manages and backup data remotely in logical pools….

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