Emil's Miraculous Journey Of Fabio Geda Review

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With his father, Gheorghe Vasile Sabau, the “largest hydraulic flaps designer … ever”, has become the 13-year-old from Romania Emil illegally across borders west by beaten up to Turin. In a poor feeding the two Assunta learn, 26 to know. She comes from Cabras in Sardinia and is also stranded flotsam; her boyfriend, a convicted petty criminal, has forced them into prostitution, her family has launched them. Now she lives on the little money she earns as a cleaner with an architect. The common happiness comes to an abrupt end, is arrested as Gheorghe at a fight and deported.

While he was incarcerated in Romania in prison, Emil finds a roof over their heads at Assunta.

Fabio Gedas novel begins with desperate Emil’s flight. His hands are covered in blood – “I saw the blood of the architect on back of my hand” – and it is feared: There does an adult might otherwise applied as pure charity for the boy? All his meager possessions has stuffed Emil into a pocket and wants to get away, to his father in Romania, or better only to his grandfather.

But Emil knows not personal. Immediately after Emil’s birth, he was drawn into the world to play theater, and had only a piece of paper with the message “Who has a Shon, barchut no Vtaer” left. regularly followed later by letters (all with the Buchstabenverdrehspielchen, which he loved so much), and the last reported that the troupe in Berlin was.

Emil’s trip is a road movie through Europe.

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It begins with a brawl at the station, it a girl named “Asia” and you arrive at the Labrador “Lufthansa” to help. Asia is zugetackert with piercings, it is wrapped in rags, and jet black made-up eyes contrast with pale skin. By chance she wants to go with her wacky pals over Christmas to Berlin, and in its rust bucket, a battered, run-down VW bus, is only one place left.

After arriving in Berlin the troops refers in an occupied house in Friedrichshain district, very close to the “East Side Gallery”. Emil embarks on the search. Indeed grandfather was here, and he has – “Impossible,” I thought “- even lived in the same house, in the” room with the black-board-door “on the 5th floor. But now he has moved on with his theater company “Nimic There,” objective Madrid to perform at there, “Waiting for Godot”.

An important maxim of his action but Emil learned from a story that him in Turin mother a friend told: It is about a devout, but narrow-minded castaways who is convinced that God will deliver him, and therefore refuses three offers of help from fishermen. Finally, he drowns, as are foolish like him, he has not realized that God had sent him the three boats. Emil will not happen. He grabs each of the opportunities that present themselves to him again and again, with both hands. In this way, he learns not know many friendly and helpful people. With a photographer, he travels further towards France, and his “amazing journey” ends happily in Madrid, where he tracks down his grandfather.

Fabio Gedas debut ” Per il resto del viaggio ho sparato agli indiani < “Fabio Geda: “Per il resto del viaggio ho sparato agli indiani” at”.

The pretty watercolor cover suggests stylistically and motivlich that “The little Prince” to a hippie even “Magical Mystery Tour” including ” L UCY in the S gravel with D iamonds” goes; one expects thus a correspondingly fabulierende world youthful experience. Although Emil also applies to flower-power types whose lifestyle is not his. He is a poverty refugee, suffering, doubting God who has taken his loving mother early on.

Emil’s part is moving. He is thoughtful, sensitive, melancholic, a good observer, saying talented collector of words. In moments of great fear or uncertainty he gets courage by identifying himself with his literary favorite character. This is “Tex Willer”, the hero of old comic books that allow him Gheorghe in one night of their homelessness covered had and which are the most important treasure in his baggage. On the other hand affects the character of the interior architect whose name is withheld from us in the end to almost across as artificial and hollow. His world populate world-renowned designers and artists. So sterile as he designed the interior of his loft, he also lives.

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Emil's Miraculous Journey Of Fabio Geda Review
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