Einstein's Quantum Theory

Topics: Time Travel

We all know if Marty travels back into the past and messes with it he makes the Biff timeline in back to the Future 2. The moral of the story is if you are time-travel and mess with anything in the past you automatically mess with your future, However, if Marty was a particle, specifically a quantum particle it may not be so consequential. From what we commonly understand time has one direction forward into the future from the past through the present.

But, physicists are messing around with the theory of Retrocausality, which if real is the idea that the future can influence the past. It’s like if I stain my shirt with tacos tomorrow, but I see the taco stain on my shirt today; it’s an idea that’s been present for many generations, but it never caught on because we live on a cause-and-effect timeline and the theory of Retrocausality didn’t make sense or was deemed possible until now.

Some physicists think welcoming Retrocausality can answer a lot of pending questions about quantum mechanics and expand our perception and knowledge of spooky action at a distance.

Spooky action is what Einstein called quantum entanglement back in the 1930s, he thought it was wild that when two particles are made at the same time they can be linked together or connected even if they are absurd distances apart, even as far as light-years and according to quantum theory, elementary particles like photons that are entangled have no definite state until they’re measured by us (physicists).

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By measuring the spin of saying particle A, you automatically know the value of its entangled partner, particle B; this is because particle B is the opposite of whatever particle A was, and even though we didn’t know what particle B was before and we didn’t observe the two particles exchange any signals when they were measured. But some theorists are thinking that instead of this just being a spooky occurrence the exchange of A and B’s spins is caused by Retrocausality. The way some physicists see it: if time symmetry exists (the idea that time looks the same going forwards and backward without any issues in physics) then retrocausality would allow particle B to go backward in time when it does so it takes this spin to the point it was produced and therefore affected its connected partner. Still, how time moves is up for debate. The second law of thermodynamics is thought to drive time as we experience it the law says that entropy must increase with time making time asymmetrical and Retrocausality would break that law, but no one has proved that time must be symmetrical and until that day happens Retrocausality isn’t going anywhere. People are working on theories around quantum Retrocausality but it’s on the bleeding edge of the discipline…it’s a bit out there. They believe if we can find evidence of Retrocausality in quantum states that would be huge. If it does exist we might be able to move particles through a dimension of time which would be like time travel.

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