Effects of White Color Crime in Community Organization

Social Disorganization is directly caused by white color crime within the community. Sociologist claim that two components; culture and institutional structures are comprised in both social organization and disorganization alike. Culture tends to be the cause of this, and institutional structures tend to be the effect. White color crime leads to a lot of mistrust as explained in chapter five. Social disorganization theory posits that location matters a lot. A majority of one culture can help predict what sort of crimes will be prevent according to this theory.

It also claims that one’s residential location will determine the likelihood of said individual in engaging in illegal activities. The cause of this disorganization is said to be culturally influenced However, it is only logical to understand that these means are simply not a know all end all situation.

Not each cultured person within the community is going to engage in a specific or varied illegal act. Although this information may be somewhat credible, it’s unfair to make prejudices of individual groups.

Just as we cannot simply imply that social disorganization is fully dependent on the illegal activities of a specific group. Disorganization can be dependent on several things, not the only two examples given in the book. The book stated that institutional structures are the result of cultures causing such disorganization. However, I found inconsistencies within these ideas Firstly, if these infrastructures are created to house these specific populations, wouldn’t that cause even worse situations? It isn’t intelligent to create an area comprised of populations who regularly engage in crime.

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Although this would relieve some issues, it sounds quite dangerous in comparison.

Criminals should not all be in the same area, this will increase crime rate and territories will be crossed. I would much rather agree that institutional structures are the cause and culture rebellion is the effect, I say this because there are many areas that are preferred to certain groups of people. Although this may seem somewhat racist, it is a known fact. These institutions are influenced with specific cultural crimest I feel that because these people are in these areas, they will certainly be somewhat influenced into certain criminal choices. Which then will lead to social disorganization To me this idea appears more logical, however, it may not be the case.

However, we can conclude that culture does effect or cause certain issues. Generally, areas in large cities are much more dangerous than areas in more scenic locations. Although there are certainly more than one specific race engaging in criminal activities within this location, specific predictions can be concluded by cultural identifications. There has been much research done in terms of location and crime as well as culture and crime. It is clear to say that both are significant influences, although these ideas certainly make assumptions and can cause trouble and mistrust to these cultures, Not to mention create fear and tension between intermixed communities There have been many recent emerging topics in the news about such issues, these theories can somewhat cause racism in people.

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