Effectiveness of Job Search

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The authors of Effectiveness of Job Search Interventions motivate job searchers by educating them what majority of job searchers lack.

This article is very informative and motivating since it starts by advising its audience on how to prepare for job searching, how to search, and finally how to maintain contact. It has highlighted various theories explaining how job searchers should behave and the consequences of not behaving that way. The authors did not want to simply help people be good at looking for jobs or helping others get jobs, but to make people get the best opportunities by utilizing all possible means and skills.

The article starts with preparation to search for a job. People in most cases do not keep documentation needed by employers hence they start rushing to look for them when they get an interview invitation. These documents are crucial in employment and they should be kept up to date. Most job seekers do not even know what documents a specific vacancy post requires hence making them lose marks when the documents are demanded.

People should learn what a vacancy position needs before applying to ensure when they get the chance they will be ready. Job searching skills are not easy to master, this article teaches its audience the most effective job searching skills. The article emphasizes the need to improve presentation skills like confidence, being audible, and engaging the audience. It will be very sad for a job searcher to find an interview chance and to mess up the opportunity of getting a job by simply being unpresentable.

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In the current world, it is undebatable when one says that the internet is the best place to search for jobs. The internet acts as a communication channel hence making it easy for job searchers to communicate with people with job vacancies and to get information about the vacancies. The article does not limit job searchers, it advises them to utilize all possible ways of looking for a job. Using all available means increases the probability of getting a chance compared to when using one. Job seekers fail most times because of being demotivated and finally giving up completely. It is not an easy job hence one should start looking for a job without setting a deadline and without stopping other activities that can generate income. In job searching, motivation is vital since the activity is discouraging in nature. It is common for a job seeker to send many applications and be interviewed severally without getting a job, but this should make the person hard working.

The article concludes that a job seeker should know what he or she wants first then look for it other than just looking for any job. Having a plan of how to look for a job makes it easy to monitor achievements and failures. This makes a job seeker determined to achieve the set goals. After finding a job the article advices its audience that the contacts found are important for future use hence they should be preserved. Other employment chances received after being employed are important hence one should deny them politely and request for future consideration in case the need arises. The information in this article is important to every job seeker who is determined to improve job seeking skills.

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