Effective Identification of Communication Barriers

This journal studies the obligation and the undertakings that gay couples always go through with regards to the socio-legal studies. This study by Kathleen E. Hull in the United States culminates to the advancements in fair political sociology of same-sex relationships. The main theme of this project is to delineate the linkage between politics, culture and law. The author used interviews. as the research method where he gathered information concerning public commitment to gay and lesbian marriages. 71 individuals were put to task of answering the interView questions, and they represented 38 same sex couples.

According to Hull (2006), the arguments and Views based on the same-sex marriages, as held by the gay and lesbian groups, are so different from the ones held by the public lesbian and gay. However, the Views of the pnvrleged politICIans and intellectuals in the community take precedence of the two.

Gay and lesbian marriages are still permissible in Canada. whereas a radical no-no in the United States. Therefore. “it would be possible to assess the effect of these differences in the “official law’ over time”. This would encompass both the drill of public wedding vows and the political approaches of gays and lesbians. This article discusses teens‘ drug abuse and the effects that accrue from the same. It explains about the period of adolescence, when the youths usually start to explore new things. This point in time is always difficult to pass through without mishaps. Drug abuse has been a problem With teens for quite a long time.

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even though the culprits regularly see the need to use the drugs for leisure purposes. It has led to selfrindulgence and deterioration of morals With an increase in school dropouts being a key consequence. This article explains the ways of helping such adolescents to retreat from drugs and treatments that can be accorded to those who fall sick out of it.

The author explains that addiction to drugs by youths always takes a depthless course, as nobody motivates them to cease from it. Parents, as well as friends, should be engaged in inspiring adolescents to receive treatment, so as to live a life that is free from drugs. When they are deprived of this backing it would be doubtful, if they would ever fully recover from the drug addiction. The above journals and articles are surrounded by one social sphere of influence that cuts across almost all of them in one way or another communication. A conversation or play of letters and words can move mountains, because it brings the world closer to man the first article shows the essence of this principle of sociology (communication).

The next two Journals encompass the health remedies that should be taken, while dealing with patients. and the main method used touches on the communication process to gather the Vital information. Samersex marriages can only be achieved by streamlining and amending existing and proposed legal and illegal parameters that impinge on the welfare of these indiwduals. Only communication can be a go-between on such matters. The activities that the youths engage in, like drug abuse, in the long run adversely affect their health, this even affects their psychological stability, as well as their general acceptance in the society. In order to “bring them back to life”. their health must be put in check counseling services preset. and proper conduct instilled in them.

The main thing of all this is the launch of communication approaches Previous research shows that effectively pinpointing communication barriers is only a tip of the iceberg of resolving them. According to Gudykunst et al. (1988), there has not been a unique case of either intercultural communication or intergroup communication, but rather the analogous backgrounds with the potential of noteworthy merger. Notwithstanding, societal issues that affect the well-being of youths and their families will forever be the part of the society at large. However, there are many ways of curbing these problems and creating a haven for those who are already affected or not. Even/one is expected to play a role to fight the vices that grew these problems; thus. creating a long term solution for them.

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