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The following sample essay on EFFECT OF WASTES tells about peoples health problem in daily life.

Wastes are undesirable or unproductive elements which abandoned after primary using. Producing waste materials through a lot of human activities and they definitely will be discarded by their owner as they have no longer functions for any operating systems. Nowadays, a large amount of excess waste had become a critical issue in any newspaper, magazine or social media. A heap of the garbage can be seen easily everywhere and people just become immoral and try themselves to ignore it.

However, they do not realise that the effect of waste will bring risky to the country as it will lead to peoples health problem in daily life, serious pollution to the country and the destruction of country’s image.

First and foremost, as we all know, the waste definitely detrimental to people as it will make people face obstacles on their health. Dengue fever is surely inevitable to become one of their health killers due to peoples bad habit in accumulating too much waste everywhere, especially in the drain and it is unquestionably to say that the drain will be clogged for a long time if people still do not want to clean it up.

Mosquitoes will prefer to live in the clogged drain as there will have stagnant water for mosquitoes to have a strong breeding process. The increasing number of mosquitoes will boost the percentage to get dengue fever to people. It may bring someone to die if the dengue fever cannot be controlled properly or cannot be treated at a suitable time.

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On the other hand, a large number of excess waste will attract more flies to fly around them and there will be their convenient place to have the reproduction process in order to produce more flies. Flies prefer to fly around food which located in the housing area or restaurants and the food unhygienic problems occur. If family members or customers eat dirty food negatively, it actually will make them have food poisoning easily. Hence, it is apparently presented that the big heap of waste will influence peoples health in life.

Apart from that, it is obvious to prove that the waste brings effect to people and the country as it will lead to critical pollution to the environment. As we can see a large number of wastes come from factories have been dumped by irresponsible individuals and they dump their chemical waste into the water. A heap of trash that precipitated into the river or sea will destroy the aquatic biodiversity and they cannot get rid of the fate of death due to the individualistic of people. The polluted water had been evaporated and come out with acid rain that contained sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as it will break out the cell of the skin and corrode the skin to make people get the skin cancer easily if it damages skin for a long time. Therefore, it is undoubtedly to justify that pollution will bring harmful outcome for people, environment and country.

Last but not least, another effect of the waste is damaging to the countrys image. We notice that a total of 101357 dengue cases and 237 deaths were reported in 2016 and the news is about the waste accumulation that caused diseases had been drawn attention by foreign tourists. They will become a lack of confidence to travel to Malaysia because they knew that Malaysia is existence with challenges about the wastes issue that will influence tourism to decline. However, when the tourists are being affected and faced reduction, profit generated declined, as a result, the economy of Malaysia will be affected. It can be imagined how important for the countrys image that influences the national development of the country. Thus, it is undeniable that damaging the countrys image will become one of the effects of the waste.

In conclusion, as the saying goes, many little things add up to something great; many little drops make an ocean. Instead of that, in order to overcome these obstacles, the government should promote the 3R concept which was reducing, reusing and recycling to minimize unnecessary wastes. Besides, society needs to use shopping bags rather than plastics bag as it can reduce pollution problems. Not only that, school teachers should impart knowledge about how the effectiveness of waste to students as they will become responsible to overcome wastes problems in order to form a wonderful country.

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