Edwards Betty Your Brain The Right and Left of It Drawing on

Edwards, Betty. “Your Brain, The Right and Left of It.” Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: by Betty Edwards, 4th ed., Tarcher/Penguin, 2012, pp. 37–37.

This book notifies people of the effect/impact art has on some people. This book is split into different sections about topics of art and what it teaches people in reality and art itself. It mentioned,”…that the arts in general are important for liberating [one’s] creative potential…”. (Edwards) This helps my argument because it showcases the positive things that art does and it can prove to the schools that it is just as important as other classes.

Toor, Rachel. “Chapter 4/Aboutness.” Write Your Way in: Crafting an Unforgettable College Admissions Essay, by Rachel Toor, The University of Chicago Press, 2017, pp. 65–65.

This book is written by a college graduate and professor in order to inform students about the essays colleges are looking for. It’s important because it tells us what colleges (our education) is wanting us to be able to achieve.

Toor says to “Tell a story. Take us through your day. Be specific and vivid. Add details.” (Toor) This supports me because in order to describe something in writing one has to be able to notice the little things and details around them. This is something that is often seen in art classes; meaning that art can actually help students reach higher academic levels.

Murray, Charles A. “Ability Varies.” Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America’s Schools Back to Reality, by Charles A.

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Murray, Three Rivers Press, 2009, pp. 20–20.

This book talks about the problems they see in the educational field when it comes to what really matters. It’s split into sections, each talking about a different problem or resolution to do. It says,” Intelligence traditionally understood is an ability- a very important one, but just an ability nonetheless.” (Murray) Although I think that everyone has intelligence his point is used to show that some might just learn better than others and others excel at different things. This shows that schools curriculum is only focusing on the academics when there are other tons of other things that they don’t care to include.

Cooper, M. A. (2011, Aug 01). High school arts programs produce innovative thinkers. The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 21, 28-29. Retrieved from

This writing shows proof that art classes help people do better in academic classes and create things in the future. It is very important because it uses research and studies to actually notify the education department of the good things that come out of art. “‘The results from this process of firsthand observation and research clearly showed the effects of arts education on student academic achievement and creativity.” (Cooper) It helps my opinion because it backs up my argument with actual evidence and truth.

Wade-Stone, M. (2014). The effects of fine arts education: Perceptions from educators of adult learners (Order No. 3708591). Available from ProQuest Central Student. (1691348083). Retrieved from

Once again this piece of writing talks about art and what it does to help students. Not only does it mention the good stuff but it talks about what students miss out on. It says mentions that the cut in arts led to “fewer opportunities to incorporate creative expression in the classroom”. (Wade-Stone) This backs up my ideas because it’s not only the school limiting our opportunities but it’s also taking it away from us.

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