Education Definition & Meaning

Living in a world where touch screens dance around the street distracting individuals has been the most powerful poison against success. As social norms have grown immensely over the years, ignorance has spread like a plague. However, who are we to blame but the education system.

Education is not about memorizing and competing against one another to be the best. It is not about piling test over test on students backs day after day as they spend countless nights trying to remember something that will most likely be forgotten the next day.

It is not about guessing on multiple choice tests and filing endless scantrons. Education is the foundation that lays the stepping road to our future. Not only does it expand our perspective, but it entitles us to uncover an unknown world which we have yet to discover.

Nevertheless, in today’s society is not about how educated you are, it is about who could get the best grades and test scores.

Our education system has not only sucked the value of learning away, but it has led to the manslaughter of peoples dreams. With the belief that there has to be a never-ending fight against people to become the most qualified candidate, education has lost its real value. Students have been drowned with required teaching material which not only has deprived their motivation and interest in learning, but it has made them prioritize a letter in a piece of paper rather than the actual significance of learning. Education has become measured not by one’s interest and eagerness to learn something new, but rather by how well you answered a multiple choice question.

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Society has implemented a system in which a letter grade and test score have outweighed intelligence and character.

Without proper education, I fear for the education future generations will get.

As the value of education continues to vanish throughout the years, it has become a serious concern. Without the proper meaning of education, humans will become followers instead of leaders. Problem solving, common sense, and critical thinking will be seen as outlandish. The amount of poverty and crime violations will increase immensely. Ignorance will become natural and the economy will decrease immensely. Without education, new innovations will not be created and progress will diminish.

However, the problem is not what education is, but how it has come to be taught. Instead of putting all of our efforts into test scores, school districts should teach valuable lessons which students will benefit in the near future. Despite the endless opportunities that are given to students in the United States, many do not take advantage of it. Why do you ask? The reason is not that they do not want to learn, it is that schools are focusing on what is shown on statistics instead of what students really learn. Students should not be the ones to blame when it comes to their disinterest in education, instead, schools should be the ones to blame for they fail to let the students have a voice and connect with them. The definition of education should not be who scored the highest, but rather who left a legacy behind for others to follow their steps. Education should be the work between students and teachers to establish back its instead of focusing on standardized tests, for standardized tests are short term while knowledge is everlasting.

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