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Educatijn Essay

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Throughout history, definitions of being educated multiplied due to the advancements that took place overtime. Those advancements created many new categories of education that created variances in educational opportunity. “Educated” can be defined differently, especially when considering the various subjects studied. More and more subjects are created as society advances due to the ability to create bigger and better ideas off one another. People can be described as educated in nature, agriculture, health, technology, and academia. Overall to be educated means to have skills and knowledge in a certain subject.

Qualifying skills and knowledge are typically information which is not known at birth, but rather gained through experience. Any time learning takes place through a class, course, program, or other learning opportunities someone is experiencing what is referred to as a learning experience. This can occur in an academic setting (school), outside-of-school, outdoors, it can include students learning from teachers and professors, or students can learn through trial and error. For example, a teacher could be a parent teaching their children how to play soccer. Through that educational experience, those children have the opportunity to become well versed in the subject matter. Being educated is not knowing everything about a subject, it is knowing more than people that have no knowledge or skills. People can be more educated than others in a subject. For example, a person with a PhD in psychology may be more educated than someone with an associates or bachelors. Learning experiences and the skills and knowledge obtained are the reasons why and how someone would be considered educated.

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At one point in time to be educated may have meant having the skills and knowledge to live in harmony with nature. Perhaps survival was the most important thing so having the knowledge and knowing exactly what to do or how to react within nature was key. Before the world was as advanced as it is now, people had to be able to navigate the land. An educated person would be the one that could do so. He or she had to be able to think outside the box and use landmarks to get to the desired location. Educated people also had to be able to select what foods were safe to eat and which foods were not, they had to know how to properly build shelter. Those skills could have been taught to them by others or it could be learned through observations and trial and error. For example, they could have learned what berries were poisonous because they watched someone ingest it and later get sick. In nature, the ones that would survive are the ones who had the skills and knowledge to be wise about their actions. The ones who did not have those skills were not considered to be educated.

As knowledge about agriculture advanced, another way of defining being educated surfaced. A citizen who could successfully farm was educated. To be a person that was considered agriculturaly educated, perhaps he or she had to know what grew best in the environment and how to take care of the land. Some environments could sustain a healthy population of some plants while others could not, it is the job of the educated person to take the lead and grow the right crops. If someone who was not educated attempted to take over the crops, they may not pick the right vegetation, causing everyone to go hungry. Someone who is educated will know when it is time to harvest, which is crucial. To avoid going hungry, the person in charge had to know these things, which is why they were considered educated.

While agriculture continued to advance, medicine also advanced. Having the knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat ill people is considered being educated. If everyone could take the place of doctors, they would all be considered educated in medicine. These individuals may have learned some of their skills from others, but more than likely they were taught in a traditional academic setting and they had to go through training. People that are educated in medicine help to prevent the spread of diseases, and they improve the overall health of individuals within society. They have the skills to run tests and analyze the results in order to best match up a diagnosis with the proper treatment. In today’s society, when someone needs medical attention they call a doctor. A doctor is the main title for someone who is educated in medicine. When someone needs medical attention they do not call a person who lacks those skills because they will not be able to help. Although he or she may be educated in another subject, he or she is uneducated in medicine.

With health being an important subject, technology became important in relation to medical technology. Thus, a person had to learn the skills and knowledge to know exactly what to do with the tech. They may have learned it from a relative, or they were taught in a classroom setting. For example, a person that was not educated could not fix a broken tv. They have no knowledge about fixing it and would be considered ignorant to the subject matter. Someone that could fix it would be educated. They know each part of the tv, they could diagnose it and know exactly what is malfunctioning. Not everyone has these skills, which is why someone who does would be educated in technology. Because not everyone is educated in certain subjects, going to school in hopes of becoming educated is common.

Like any other subject, academia also has individuals who are more educated in specific subjects than others. Some would think being educated in academia means being educated in each individual subject in school, however being educated in academia is not about being good at math, science, english, or history. It is about having the fundamental skills necessary for success in a school environment. Being educated does not mean that someone is the smartest or that they will score the highest on tests. Being educated in academia means having the basic skills and knowledge to complete school. Those skills may include time management, problem solving, effective communication, and organization. The students that can do those things are considered to be educated. For example, a student that decides to spend the weekend typing an essay, rather than partying has time management skills. Sometimes, a student who presents such educated skills are predicted to be more successful. Therefore, students that are not educated in academia are expected to not be successful in school because they lack the skills needed to navigate the work.

Regardless of how the skills and knowledge were gained, they are what makes someone educated. Every subject has educated and uneducated people, it is important to understand that as not everyone can be fully educated in every subject. That would mean everyone would have to have experiences in every subject, and if that happened the world would not be what it is today. If everyone was educated in a field like geography, there would not be anyone that was educated in other fields like psychology or physics. Society needs diversity to function. Different jobs allow for society to continue to grow and advance. For instance, if no one was educated in meteorology, then the ability to predict the weather would be nonexistent. A simple thing like the weather would greatly affect things like preparing for natural disasters and knowing when it is safe for planes to fly. In today’s society, education has become the measurement of money. It cost money to become educated and level of education determines pay. Since everyone is educated in different subjects, and even different aspects of that subject , different economic classes exist. Those economic classes are what keeps society functioning.

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