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Edited – Malani Croyle – Mental Health Research Chart Paper

Words: 371, Paragraphs: 15, Pages: 2

Paper type: Essay , Subject: Anorexia Nervosa

M e n ta l H e a lth R e se a rch

(1) R ead Chapter 4, Section 1 in textbook

(a) W hat is a ?m en tal disorder??

(2) Fill out the chart (U se other ?credible? sources to gather inform ation for chart)

A n xiety B u lim ia A n orexia B ip olar O b sessive

C om p u lsive

W hat is it?

Anxiety is your body's

natural response to stress.

W hat is it?

A serious eating disorder

m arked by binging, followed

by m ethods to avoid weight


W hat is it?

Lack or loss of appetite for

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W hat is it? W hat is it?

Sym ptom s:

Lack of concentration,

Fatigue, sweating, and


Sym ptom s:

Dehydration, fatigue, food

aversion, and m ost

im portantly, hunger

Sym ptom s:

Dehydration, dizziness,

fainting, fatigue, low blood

pressure, low body

tem perature, or feeling cold

Sym ptom s: Sym ptom s:

Risk Factors:

Traum a, stress buildup,

personality, other m ental

health disorders, blood

relatives with anxiety.

Risk Factors:

Perfectionism , Body im age


Risk Factors:

Risk Factors: Risk Factors:


Anxiety disorder.


Bulim ia Nervosa

Diagnosis: Diagnosis: Diagnosis:

Treatm ent:

Self-care, Therapies,

M edications, and Specialists.

Treatm ent:

Therapies, self-care,

m edications, and Specialists.

Treatm ent: Treatm ent: Treatm ent:

Body image, dissatisfaction Anorexia nervosa A mental illness in which you have depressive episodesAnd “manic phases”Family, high stress, a death

Bipolar Disorder

Therapies, self care, medications and specialistsTherapies, medication, supportive careDepressive, and manic phases, and mood swings, etcAn obsession over things being perfectAgitation, compulsive behavior Relatives, stressful events, other mental health disordersObsessive compulsive disorder Medications and therapies


C u rren t E ven t 

M en tal H ealth D iso rd ers 


(4) Find a current event article on one of the m ental health disorders listed in the chart. Apply the guidelines from the textbook and

guidelines found from “W ise H ealth Consum er” to find a ?credible? source for your current event.

Title of Article and Citation:

W H O ?is this article about?

W H A T ?is this story about? List four im portant facts from your article.

W H Y ? is this story im portant?

C O N N E C T ?the article.

1. W hat does it have to do w ith you?

2. Can it be connected to anything you learned from any presentation or videos w e w atched or listened to in class?

3. H ow can you apply w hat you learned to your ow n life?

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Edited – Malani Croyle – Mental Health Research Chart and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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