Eden by Candice Fox Review

With their crime trilogy “Hades”, “Eden” and “case” has made the young Australian author Candice Fox in their home country and the United States caused a sensation and garnered several awards. With us, the German-language edition triggered by “Hades” a hype that now with the sequel, “Eden” (Translation: Anke Caroline Burger) receives new food. The suggestive title terms on gloomy Cover raise expectations to super exciting plots and wily storytelling.

Unfortunately, I can after reading of “Eden” does not discover what would boast outstanding thing about this novel as innovative or even literary.


The protagonist is admittedly an interesting construct, styled as a kind of female counterpart to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . Its calculated reminiscent to the biblical paradise name mockery is an ice-cold, empathy free monster. During the day she works as a top official of the homicide Sydney at the service of the law, in the night, however, it changes into their own counterpart and is active as a bloodthirsty serial killer.

In contrast to Robert Louis Stevenson split heroes afflict no qualms but sublimates her kinky cruel murders infamous way to virtue. Because the justice that is was unable to pull all of the many criminals to justice and out of the traffic, it takes over the noble task of establishing justice in their spare time. So if they at night torturing murderers, rapists and child molesters sadistic tortures and executes, the – in its view – a good deed. Your perverse vorzivilisatorisches theme – “. Justice is good revenge is better.

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” – emblazoned as lurid title the phrase on top of the cover man

How come to such a remarkable personality.? Of course, as a result of traumatic childhood experiences. Callow trimmed as Friedrich Mergel, Eden but also “a poor stunted being”, as well as her brother Eric. Her parents were brutally murdered, bound and gagged brother and sister in the narrow trunk of a car taken away and then placed with Henry “Hades” Archer. The operation successfully completed a junkyard, but moved all stripping in the underworld of Sydney behind the scenes. With good reason, he was feared, because his company enabled him to dispose of unpopular people so that they left no trace.

No wonder that the children were damaged in such circumstances. Eric, an equally perverse beings like Henry, was mistakenly shot one day, but there was Sister Eden already blunted so that they could put away his loss loose. Then she developed her idiosyncratic view of the world with the cynical role assignment of practicing vigilante avenging angel.

All irony, sarcastic pointed cartoon, comic Trash? Maybe I could accept Candice Fox’s concept hearted, if the world were not exactly full of spinners, the whistle on facts and logic, umdeuteln reality as they see fit and absolutely put their personal Ichling philosophy, it is national, racial, ideological, fundamentally religious or otherwise justified. Eden’s self-righteous vengeance is grist to such mills. I can not smile about it.

The people of Candice Fox’s desolate Roman world level less across the board, hollow types, largely devoid of intelligence, moral guidelines and any sort of ideas of a meaningful life change. They spend their days in a dirty stream of deception, illegal, drugs, abuse, violence and brutality, and they are quite satisfied if the stench and disorder are “not borderline” in their world. “That was the matter with these people – even had the endless stench no getting her life with soap and water – bed linen, who never saw a washing machine, hair end on sofas and pillows animals, arbitrary acts of sexual intercourse on any documents, and body fluids easily leaked one. “<

If you look at the good 470 pages has crawled through the mud, they leave only a general grubby feel, while the details of the plot progression are noisy. The short content summary in the inner lid of the cover are the backbone again, further details are irrelevant: Three girls are gone, the trail leads to an abandoned farm where a serial killer roams. There it verschlägt Eden, she works undercover. This plot is neither original nor could he tie me permanently.

Due to its homogeneous staff and milieu of the novel is entirely written in simple language, enriched with repellent Gossenidiom. If you will, a laudable consistency. External features of the protagonist are their “ass”, “her pale, cold hands Killer” and “crow’s expressionless eyes.” they do not need more so.

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