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Table of Contents

TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc5155802 h 42.0 Product and type of service PAGEREF _Toc5155803 h 43.0 Business vision PAGEREF _Toc5155804 h 54.0 Business objective PAGEREF _Toc5155805 h 55.0 Business E-commerce Processes PAGEREF _Toc5155806 h 56.0 SWOT analysis PAGEREF _Toc5155807 h 67.0 E-commerce website PAGEREF _Toc5155808 h 78.0 System Design PAGEREF _Toc5155809 h 88.1 Main Page PAGEREF _Toc5155810 h 98.

2 Registration Page PAGEREF _Toc5155811 h 98.3 Login Page PAGEREF _Toc5155812 h 98.4 Service Selection Page PAGEREF _Toc5155813 h 108.5Payment Page PAGEREF _Toc5155814 h 109.0 Functional requirements: PAGEREF _Toc5155815 h 119.1 Candidate Registration: PAGEREF _Toc5155816 h 119.2 Login PAGEREF _Toc5155817 h 119.3 Search Service Type PAGEREF _Toc5155818 h 119.4 Filtering Function PAGEREF _Toc5155819 h 129.5 Service Viewing PAGEREF _Toc5155820 h 129.6 Changes to Cart PAGEREF _Toc5155821 h 129.7 Payment PAGEREF _Toc5155822 h 129.8 Logout PAGEREF _Toc5155823 h 129.9 Generate receipt PAGEREF _Toc5155824 h 1210.0 Software and Hardware Requirements: PAGEREF _Toc5155825 h 1211.

0 Security Issues PAGEREF _Toc5155826 h 1311.1 Malware PAGEREF _Toc5155827 h 1311.2 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks PAGEREF _Toc5155828 h 1411.3 The Risk of Hack Attacks PAGEREF _Toc5155829 h 1411.4 Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc5155830 h 1512.0 Marketing and advertising strategy: PAGEREF _Toc5155831 h 1512.1 Demographic PAGEREF _Toc5155832 h 1512.2 Marketing method PAGEREF _Toc5155833 h 1512.3 Social media PAGEREF _Toc5155834 h 1612.4 Local marketing PAGEREF _Toc5155835 h 1612.5 Multichannel marketing PAGEREF _Toc5155836 h 1613.0 Ethics and laws PAGEREF _Toc5155837 h 1714.0 Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc5155838 h 18References PAGEREF _Toc5155839 h 18

1.0 Introduction

E- Commerce has been increased very fast in Saudi Arabia where we observe that the new generation uses the broadband and Smartphones for buying things through the Internet.

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As well as, locally, there are many online sellers and buyers, and there are several people start up their online businesses which are called E- Commerce.1*. This researched will discuss about how to set up an E-commerce business in Saudi Arabia.

2.0 Product and type of service

This E- Commerce Business will be for Human Resources Services which are including training, hiring, organizational development, and consulting. This E-Commerce Business is going to provide Human Recourses Services which is very important to enhance and organize any organization activities. This E- commerce business will be focused on training, recruiting talented candidate, prepare a proper organization effectiveness plan, development, and consulting. The business will contact the companies through the Internet, especially LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the most website that the majority of the companies are using it for connection, establishing, and publishing their companies’ trades2*.

Many companies are looking to improve their Human Resources Practices by having some consultants in order to let the companies reach their golas. Moreover, provide a training courses to the employees are very significant for any organizations. Furthermore, hiring talented candidates which are having high competencies is going to improve the business grow for several reasons. The first reason is because the talented employees will come with different experiences that merge with the new companies activates. The second reason is because your company’s reputation will increase with these talented employees because your revenue will be increased3*.

3.0 Business vision

The vision of business is we want to be the best Human Recourses Services provider in the Saudi Arabia by being committed to our clients to provide them recruiting talents, training their employees, consulting them, and develop the overall organization in order to support the clients to accomplish their goals. The mission of this business is by measuring, monitoring, and evaluating our company services that our clients ask, and by developing our services based on the market demand.

4.0 Business objectiveThe business objectives are building strong relationship with the customer, creating a timeline of our objectives (Key Performance Indicator), customer satisfaction, ease of use of our website.

5.0 Business E-commerce Processes

After creating the vision, mission, objectives, and suitable website for the business, the business process will start by publishing our services through the most popular website which is called LinkedIn. The business will send emails to attract the companies in Saudi Arabia by providing them a list our services. For example, the marketing department in the company will send the information through the email to the targeted customers which explains all-important details. When we receive any interested company, we will ask them to create a profile in our website to start engaging them in our dashboard in respect of contacting them online, and serve them through the Internet. For development purposes, once our company provide the clients services, the business is going to submit an evaluation form in the client user account in our website where the clients should contribute their opinions about our company’s services.

6.0 SWOT analysisApplying SWOT analysis is a significant step on this stage where the business can identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. In this business, SWOT analysis would be, fist, what are the strengths in Saudi Arabia Market? In 2019, the opening jobs are almost 3600 vacancies 4* which is required recruitment process. Also, one our services is going to have a powerful role on these opening vacancies which is the training because when any organizations have filled a position that means the candidate needs a training. Nonetheless, the weakness are these vacancies the majority of them are for lower level which guides us to improve and transform some our activities in order to hit the market demand. Regarding opportunities, our services with the clients will be expanded in 2019, and it is a great time to start in this time because we still have lack of Human Recourse Services provider in Saudi Arabia; we have only 10, and the majority of them outside the country *5. Treats in this stage is super critical because we just entered the market, so we need to brand our trade, and we must to have a great deal with the clients; also, we should monitor the markets by statistical measurements. One great example can illustrate that is coming from one of my friends’ experience. He started to build a food tracker in the competitive place in the eastern of Saudi Arabia, and he did not do proper measurements of what he has, and what others have, he just started the business by selling the food to consumers, but unfortunately, he lost his project.

7.0 E-commerce websiteThe website will be built in a very easy way in order to allow the customer use it comfortably. The e- commerce business’s objectives should be understandable to the audiences to show them the capabilities of the website. There is an important part when building the website which is the description of the components. (There are some steps which are very significant of building website. First one is system analysis which includes business objectives and system functionalities. Business objectives are the capabilities that the website will have, about the system functionalities are the capabilities needed to achieve business goals. Second step is system design which includes hardware and software. System design will describe the components of a system and how the relationship will be with other components. Once the system is setting and the components have been descripted, there will be two components of the system design logical design and physical design. The third step is building the system. The website will go with build own for several reasons. The first reason is because the owners of the website have already the team. The second reason is because the team has already variety of skills. After that, the last step will be tasting, implementation, and maintenance. Testing has three parts which are unit testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. Unit testing is the stage where the software will be tested for both individual and components. System testing is the stage of the software when a completed entreated system has been testing. Acceptance testing is the stage where the system testes the acceptability in the process of software testing. *6 Maintenance, is a very significant step on building an e-commerce, and it can be executed by the flowing steps. Step one is security. Customers need a secure website because they are going to their personal information such as email address and Credit Card Number. Second Step is Backups. Backups will help the owner of an e-commerce to recover from a disaster without them. In another words, backups process is like an insurance of the whole activates that have done through the website. Third step is update. Update is very important to keep the website save form hackers. Last step which is called uptime. Uptime is a vital step because the website should not go down even for only five minutes for some reasons. The first one is because customer might use other websites to do purchasing. Second reason due to the business’s reputation of the customer relationship management. *7 .Simply, maintenance should be ongoing process. The e- commerce website will be leased form a vendor, so this e- commerce server will be located at vendor’s facility. The web site functions in sales. The website will have an online catalog where the customer can choose and observe all items that the website provides. Also, shopping cart which allows customers to add their items and review them before make purchase. Credit card processing is very vital factor for both the customer and the merchant. The merchant will check the credit card is valid or not, the customer will have proven when he or she pouches form the website regarding any issues after purchasing. The website will full details about the company. For example, the first page will contain the phone number, and other social website such Facebook.

8.0 System Design

8.1 Main Page

8.2 Registration Page011430000

8.3 Login Page

-177800342900008.4 Service Selection PagePayment Page

9.0 Functional requirements:

9.1 Candidate Registration:

As a candidate, if I want to get any services from human resource, I must be registered, because unregistered user can’t go to the service cart and add their service preference. The registration can be done through email or link to any social media networks such Facebook and Instagram.

9.2 Login

As a customer. I have to login to the system by entering valid user id and password for in order to the human resource services online.

9.3 Search Service TypeThe HR system has a search function. So, all the candidates or visitors can search for any kind of HR services based on the service names such (consultation, recruitment and training) as well as their particular fees.

9.4 Filtering Function

The HR system will enable the candidates to filter their result of searching base on the service fee from the lowest to the highest and based on the location of that service that will be ordered online.

9.5 Service Viewing

The candidates are able to be shown the list of services s that he searched for including their fees and time duration details.

9.6 Changes to Cart Changes to cart means the system enables the candidates after login or registration to make order or cancel order from the service cart.

9.7 PaymentFor candidates, there are many type of secure billing will be prepaid as debit or credit card. The security will have provided by the third party like Pay-Pal etc.

9.8 Logout 

After the candidates make the payment or surf the service types, then they will have to logout.

9.9 Generate receipt

After making the payment, the system can generate the portable document file (.pdf) and then sent one copy to the candidate’s Email-address and another one as an SMS to candidate’s phone.

10.0 Software and Hardware Requirements:

In this section, I have to identify some essential requirements (software & hardware) that needed for the system in order to function without having obligation and customer’s dissatisfactions.

Hardware Requirements Software Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 GHz or AMD Operating system (windows 7 or later)

Ethernet connection (LAN) Version (For fixing up client disconnection) OR a wireless adapter (Wi-Fi) Supported browsers (Chrome and Firefox)

Hard Drive: Minimum 80 GB; Recommended 64 GB or more Xampp to program and create the online HR services.

Memory (RAM): Minimum 2 GB; Recommended 4 GB or above in order to run optimum performance. DBMS ( MySql, Oracle and SQL server)

Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad, and Notepad++

11.0 Security Issues Since this website basically various personal data of the customer, then there might some security breaches, such dental of service (DoS), hackers who can gain a full access to all the personal data of the customers and can steal their money. Malware is also a threat of this website, because it has the ability to case a huge damage on it.

11.4 RecommendationAuthenticity: authentication of data source

Confidentiality: protection against unauthorized data disclosure

Privacy: provision of data control and disclosure

12.0 Marketing and advertising strategy:

12.1 DemographicThere is a need of the people details that will be used by the advertiser in order to design the segments of the Human Resource Service. So, there will be various categories such candidates from different ages and gender as this HR service is not restricted for one gender.

12.2 Marketing methodMarketing is the way of get large number customers to the organizations. So, I think that our marketing method will be more related to the social marketing in order to attract large number of the customers.

12.3 Social mediaIt has become the well-known tool in marketing and advertising. So, we will be practicing the advertising and marketing of our online HR services in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and LinkedIn in order to introduce all our various services the people and trying do our best to attract them to be the customers of our HR services.

12.4 Local marketing Our business might apply the idea of the local marketing for the advertising the HR services in any local market in order to allow the customers to give online system a try to further know its attractive design and functionalities. We might visit all the local market around the cities and start introducing our online HR service system to the customers face to face.

12.5 Multichannel marketingSome various channels will be effectively used in order to attract many customers to approach our HR services by online demand. Meaning that our HR services advertisements are going to be clearly and precisely presented by different channels such as (TV, radio, billboard and online advertisements).

13.0 Ethics and lawsWe will be running and operating the online HR services business in a very ethical way by following all the law rules and regulations that established by the government in terms of the online business. We as online service provider will take the privacy of our customers into our deep consideration as this privacy our main concern and responsibility. Moreover, it is our ethical accountability to protect all the information of our customers and never reveal them to another third party. Meaning to say that, we will make all data more secure by prohibiting other people to access to them. Another ethical responsibility is that when the customer’s order any HR services but they find them like they are not good or do not meet their satisfaction, we can simply hear from them their feedbacks and comments in order to make the possible correctness to make our customer very contended with our services. Meaning that we will run this business services with completed accountability towards all the customers.

14.0 Conclusion:As a summary, I have done my effort to accomplish this E-commerce project. I started it with introduction of the products that will be offered. Then I have elaborated the mission and vision of the business. The functionalities of the websites that will be developed are clearly explained starting from the registration method in our websites and ending by the selecting various HR services and their fees payments. Some captures of the interface design are attached in the report as well in order to have clear picture about our online business and how users will interact with our site. Moreover, there was a full description about the background of the business and how the service of this service will be unique as it will be established for the first time in the marketplace.

A clear explanation was also done regarding on how we are going to practice the marketing and advertising of our online HR services, there are some advertising channels were mentioned in this report such TV, Radio and other social media network such Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition to that, some elaborations were done on how we are going to practice our business in ethical manners that satisfy our customers and employees.

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