Duties of a Receptionist

A receptionist’s role is loaded with responsibilities, in addition to guiding customers and answering the phone, they often must coordinate events and meetings between employees and customers. Their work is carried out mostly in front of an organization table. The main thing to be a good receptionist is to be charismatic and empathetic, the client must find in you a friendly and trustworthy face, to achieve that you must be polite and correct, achieve affable communication with the client, and always maintain formality, without losing empathy.

One of the main responsibilities of a receptionist is to: 1). serve visitors, greet them, welcome them, and announce them appropriately. 2). Answer, record, and return phone calls as well as provide basic information if necessary. 3). Receive and respond daily to emails, notifications, notices, or certificates. 4). Maintain security by following the processes and access control (monitoring it through screens, asking for authorizations, etc.). 5). Update appointments on the calendar as well as keep up to date with necessary meetings and agendas.

6). Perform other tasks such as photocopying, printing documents, faxing, etc.

There are several types of receptionists, one of them being a medical receptionist. A medical office receptionist is responsible for basic administrative tasks, such as answering phone calls, greeting patients and visitors, and scheduling appointments in a professional and timely manner. Most medical receptionists work in a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, a hospital, or other medical facilities. In smaller offices, medical receptionists may be responsible for administrative and clinical duties. In larger offices, they may only be responsible for administrative or office tasks.

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The position may also be referred to as a medical office assistant, medical assistant, receptionist, or health care administrative professional.

Dental receptionists are also important in the medical field. Most dentists hire receptionists who serve as assistants. This is true in the orthodontic specialty. An orthodontic receptionist can perform some of the tasks that a dental hygienist does, such as taking basic x-rays or digital images of teeth, educating patients about oral hygiene, preparing the exam room, taking patient information, and being an additional pair of hands for the orthodontist during dental procedures. The exact type of attendance duties of a receptionist in this class depends on the amount of training and certification you have.

Although there are several types of receptionists, the most common one is the hotel receptionist. The hotel receptionist is the professional who greets guests at the property. This represents the ‘face’ of the hotel and is in charge of managing the clients’ stay, from their reservation and arrival at the hotel until their departure. The receptionist is the public image of the hotel. He or she reflects the identity of the company, so you must work to provide the best possible experience for guests.

Being a receptionist includes being responsible, always having a great attitude towards your clients, always looking professional, being able to work with advanced technology, and mainly, possessing great communication skills. With the lack of one of these skills, you may not succeed as a receptionist.

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