Dusty hell of Roger Smith Review

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Ben Baker, one of the richest men in the country, preferably colored “little mouse” – this night is Rosie Dell. But then penetrate black men in overalls and firearms into the house. One of them stretched Baker down with several shots. Rosie manages to escape. –

In her Volvo are Rosie, husband Robert and the twins on the way home after having celebrated extensively Roberts birthday. Suddenly they are pushed up by a pick; Rosie can track not keep up, and the car plunges over the guardrail into the depths.

Only Robert survived because he was catapulted through the windshield into the open.

In the pick-up sat Inja Mazibuko, a tribal leader of the Zulu, Xhosa and his assistant. They had already shot the fat white man, and now had to Rosie believe in it, which eventually was an unfaithful wife color. After successfully fully coated action Xhosa now has had its day; so he shoots Inja, invites him to the skid plank of his pick-ups and controls once the next bite at.

Unfortunately, parked a police patrol one next to his car. Two uniformed and a powerful dog from rising. The latter can be wegzerren of the pick-up hardly as attractive he finds him – because obviously something is wrong …

addressed in snack on his car, the driver of the car shows the cops willingly his papers: Agent Moses Mazibuko – Special Investigation Unit. But it can be Captain Hans Theron, not impress a Bure. Injas drug trade him are known, as are his boss.

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The “honorable” Minister of Justice, also a Zulu had, can be lubricated by Ben Baker, and so had to Baker be eliminated, because he was determined to unpack.

What can Captain Hans Theron align in this swamp of corruption, prostitution, drug trafficking and murders everyday? can sitting so deep and smoldering like a volcano erupt at any time

A top thriller from South Africa

– In addition to the deep hatred of the colored people against the rich white minority..

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