Drug Enforcement Administration Analyst

This article discusses Cases 48 and 49 of chapter 9. The first case discusses an analyst for the Drug Enforcement Agency looking into a potential drug-dealing operation being lurked behind a fake business and upon investigation has money stashed elsewhere. The second case discusses a possible overstatement of revenue and the use of evidence as well as addresses problems with who mails the confirmations. The Drug Enforcement Agency currently has an incident where the suspect is assumed to be hiding a sizeable drug-dealing running behind his misleading business.

  The analyst designated to the case is Talia Finn, and the first required to prepare a net income on the sole proprietary of the business, Clyde Borrow Jr.

Once the investigation was concluded the attorney had some charges, and Clyde alleged to have more money on hand than initially stated. Clyde insisted the money came from an estate received from his aunt and money accumulated over the years. I will discuss how Talia should react to this new data as well as whatever the sources of proof she requires to back up what Clyde was telling her.

The additional report rendered by Clyde will need to be confirmed. In order to achieve this Talia would need to accumulate some evidence from Clyde. This first section of proof will be a copy of the will for his Aunt. From this erudition, Talia should be ‘able to trace the money from the check to the money that was stashed aside generating an audit trail’.

Seldom a private investigator may go to alternative plans to gather information on someone that may be lurking money, such as dumpster diving, in order to obtain erudition on the case.

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As stated in an article in Fortune, ‘individuals buy private real estate in wealth through crust companies to protect their assets and veil their individualities’. Talia will then demand to talk to Clyde and gain an understanding of where the balance of the money came from. With this information, she will need to verify and gain evidence to document and backup what Clyde has said. Armed with this information Talia will need to look the analysis over again and update numbers as needed. Overall I believe that Talia will need to accumulate this evidence as well as ridicule in and see that the erudition already implemented was accurate and dig to convinced there are no other esoteric assets as we know Clyde was previously attempting to hide money.

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