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Driverless Cars Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Drunk Driving

Driverless Cars: Benefits


Driverless cars are those cars which can drive itself with the help of computers. They are also known as autonomous or computer-controlled car. There is no need of human to take control to safely operate these cars. Autonomous cars are combination of a numerous of sensor such as Radar, Lidar, Sonar, GPS, Odometry. Advanced control system interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage.

Change the lifestyle

Autonomous cars will not only change the way we move, but they will also alter the way we live. They have the potential of curbing traffic accidents and fatalities, creating more independence for disabled individuals, and reforming the way we build streets and cities. Since one of the benefits of a driverless car is its ability to share some driving responsibilities with the driver, many drivers will likely make use of their newly freed hands, feet, and attention. Drivers may trust too much their cars. They are looking at their phones, crossing their legs, and occupying their hands with a smartphone or tablet. The less dynamic driving turns into, the more individuals will be helpless to diversions that keep them from settling on snappy driving choices. CITATION Bri17 l 1033 [1]Traffic Safety & Traffic Efficiency

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It is investigated by NHTSA, nearly 90% accidents resulted from driver’s mistakes including distraction, speeding, drunk driving and situation misjudging. Self-driving car can strictly enforce system, which determines that it can avoid errors which are made by humans and reduce the chances of accidents that IIHS’s supposed that 0.33% accidents are possible to reduce if all cars are outfitted with path takeoff cautioning, overspeed cautioning, separate cautioning and versatile headlamps. CITATION Tin17 l 1033 [2]right1871667Driverless car CITATION Shi16 l 1033 [3]Driverless car CITATION Shi16 l 1033 [3]

Fatigue will not appear because driverless cars are very sensitive, which means great reduction of accidents. Obviously, it ought to be perceived that potential security chances exist if self-sufficient vehicle is connected. However, the probability of machine failures is smaller than that of human mistakes, and it is easier to avoid machine failures. CITATION Tin17 l 1033 [2]The upsides of expanding traffic limit and shortening driving time are clear when street is generally involved independent from anyone else driving autos. Right off the bat, the affectability and precision of PC framework are a long way past that of human. Also, using associated vehicle, data can be exchanged among vehicles. CITATION Tin17 l 1033 [2]Conclusion

Computer-controlled cars are safe for humans because many organizations like NHTSA and IIHS are concluded that these cars help to reduce the percentum of accidents and are becoming safer. In future, the driverless cars will be next step of the transportation technology.



[1] B. A. Browne, “SELF-DRIVING CARS: ON THE ROAD TO A NEW REGULATORY ERA,” Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet, vol. Vol. 8, pp. 1,5, 2017 .

[2] T. Chen1, “Review on Driverless Traffic from Management Perspective,” MATEC Web of Conferences , vol. 124, pp. 1-2, 2017.

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