Domestic Violence Laws in Pennsylvania

States all over the world have and are remote to have their own laws, but are these laws actually fair or just to the people being prosecuted upon or the victims. The laws below have several flaws in them which causes a problem all over the world. These are the current laws of today in mostly Pennsylvania and they are rarely fair to anyone. Some laws are actually causing more problems.

“Domestic Violence Laws in Pennsylvania is a law that is to protect the people.

Domestic violence includes threats, the use of intimidation or physical abuse to someone in the same household as you. There is a number of separate offenses that link a member of the household harming the others. Domestic violence ranges from physical, sexual and financial abuse. Harassment is also involved in this through communication, by written, calls, or emails threatening someone or something. Domestic violence- related charges involve: child abuse, trespassing, domestic assault, endangering the welfare of children, kidnapping, sexual assault, stalking, and violation of protective order.

This law is not unjust for the people being prosecuted for it, but the people around them. This reason is because sexual assault and/or sexual harassment is in the same law as trespassing. This is not right due to someone possible only getting up to five years in prison for sexual assault and another person getting up to five years for trespassing on private property. This is just mind-blowing that the law is practically stating that sexual assault is barely a crime and it is only as much as one as trespassing or harassment, which are considered petty crimes.

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“Pennsylvania Abortion Control Law was signed into law in 1973 after the Roe vs. Wade ruling. The legal challenge to the act finally led to the landmark of Planned Parenthood. Abortion is upheld to a basic right, yet in several states it has some extreme restrictions. The restrictions include: a women must receive a session of twenty-four hour counseling that is to discourage her against the abortion. A minor or in some states a female up to the age of 21, must have parental consent. There is no insurance acceptable unless it was rape, incest, or early pregnancy difficulties. And even with this it is still sometimes not accepted.”

This law seems unjust for the fact that a woman is forced to go through a twenty-four hour counsel session on why she shouldn’t have an abortion. Even though it is her choice either way and a class isn’t going to change someone’s mind if they are unstable for a child. In cases such as, not emotionally there or even physically. Or the reasons of some other. A class is not a way to go about this because most of the time the person is going to do as they wish, and it is ensured that they are already feel guilty about it. This part of the law is unjust because it only adds more onto the guilt and stress they are already experiencing.

“Child custody laws in Pennsylvania state that the parents gender is equal, but it hasn’t always been like this in PA, and still isn’t in some states, like Utah, Idaho, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Texas. The child custody laws address which parent is more capable of raising the child, and determines visitation and child support. The courts bring the law into play when parents are not able to make a suitable agreement by themselves. The courts consider family relationships, location, mental and physical conditions of the guardian, and the child’s wishes.”

Although, in the states that aren’t all that gender equality, the children are almost always placed with the mother, due to their bond from birth and the reasoning of women to be less harmful and be more caring. However, in Pennsylvania where gender is no longer the problem, there is a new problem. As the description of the law above states, “the courts consider the child’s wishes”. This is not what occurs most times though. The child or children’s decision is only a slight bit important. Also, what the law fails to inform people with details like this one, is that a child must be at least eleven years of age before even getting the chance to make this decision. So as there’s laws the courts are also supposed to abide by rarely happen and children do not get placed into the desired home or they get placed with their mother and not the correct suitable guardian.

Furthermore, laws can be unjust for not only a victim but even the prosecuted. This is due faulty statements within the laws and laws includes the wrong penalties. Laws we abide by today can actually cause more harm then make the world safer. Is cooperating with unjust laws just as evil as committing a violent act? No, because laws are something the world has to adhere to whether it is liked or not. A violent act is likely involved with not upholding with the laws set for people to follow. If it is not a law that is liked is still abided by because it’s yours future ahead that could be affected with consequences. So no cooperating is not just as evil as committing a violent act.

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