Does Globalization Destroy Cultural Diversity?

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Does globalization destroy cultural diversity? We often hear the word “globalization” today, but not many people  recognize its advantages and disadvantages. As the main pros, globalization; advances economies of developing nations, raises labor standards, specializes and trades to obtain other goods, and spreads democracy worldwide. As the main cons, on the other hand, globalization; eliminates jobs in developed nations, lowers labor standards, endangers traditions, and reduces autonomy of national, regional, and local governments. In fact, globalization is a controversial problem, so people are still discussing if it is right or wrong.

For a student majoring in business, it is important to understand what globalization is comprehensively in order to be successful in the field.

Firstly, the biggest benefit of globalization is that it creates new market opportunities abroad. In developed countries such as the U.S. and Japan, it is difficult to discover a new market of iPhones anymore because people who would purchase them already have ones. In contrast, in developing countries such as South Africa, people hardly have ones, so we will have a huge new market over there.

Introducing a new technology also makes their lives better by the Internet. They will be connected with others in a different country and share their ideas. Yet, is it always a good thing? Some people say globalization endangers traditional beliefs. An example would be bringing an iPhone into an isolated tribe. They have lived without such technologies and did not need them, but one day, a person from a developed country brings and gives an iPhone to them.

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Then, they become obsessed with that novelty and learn so many things via the Internet. They will start thinking if what they do is right or wrong, and they can stop doing what they used to do. This is definitely a huge change of their lifestyle. I am not saying not knowing outside is better, but I feel there is sometimes a situation which ignorance is bliss. However, others say globalization and losing traditions are processes of human development. It is just like choosing a better and superior product when you go to shopping. In a developing country, a tradition might not be passed down anymore because of introducing a new concept, but it simply loses a competition with it.

For instance, a few decades ago, people used to ride in a carriage to go far, and having a car has made our life more efficient; it saves time and it let carry much baggage easier. Without a car, we would have more limited to places we go to, it would have taken much longer to travel, and we need to make more trips to carry a big amount of baggage. This shows that replacement of a carriage horse with a car is a progress of human evolution, and modernization makes human life easier and effective.

We see that globalization is a process of human development; even so, I am deeply concerned about losing a unique culture. I do not know if this is right or wrong, but I believe cultural diversity should be protected somehow because if all countries become all the same, it will be uninteresting. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons of globalization, and talk about it. And we need to find the best point to keep balance of taking advantages of globalization, and protecting cultural diversity from globalizing.

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