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List of five companies

Companies : Prefer to work for Companies : Refuse to work for

1.Wal-mart Mc Donald’s

2. Ford Mylan

3. Conoco Philips Comcast

4. Chevron Delta airlines

5. EXXON Mobil AIG

Prefer to work for

Walmart :

Reason :

various education advantages.

provides number of opportunities for growth & development.

helps in getting success according to our hard work.

offering fair pay and advanced training.

Ford :Reason:

Work on ethical standards

Professionally managed

Employment opportunities to grow at higher level

Reason :Follow business ethics.

They are working to improve the lives of the peoples

provide accessibility to basic needs or requirements such as food , shelter , and pure water.

Conoco Philips:


Professional management

support in professional growth.

provide liberty to be creative.

team work , collaboration and fitness culture.



creates new opportunities for profitable growth

executing activities in excellent manner.

adhere to business ethics.

Exxon Mobil:


follows high ethical standards

professionals training programmes.

Refuse to work for

Mc Donald’s :Reason:

Due to Long working hours

Not adhere to business ethics



Do not appreciate employee’s contribution.

No inspirations for employees

Lack in salary and other processes.



No opportunities to grow

Follow lengthy process of interviews.

Delta airlines:


No guarantee on minimum amount of hours

Hourly pay depend on seniority

No fixed number of flights/hours we have to work per month.

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No fixed working hours

No positive managemen

Discussion 2:

Characteristics of ideal organizationsThe formation of ideal organization is easy and required less time.

For development and expansion, the funds can be raised in an ideal organization.

An ideal organization has capacity to tackle risk and limited liability.

Ideal organizations have scope of control over organizational affairs.

Managerial personnel and other factors do not the working of an ideal organization.

Ethics in ideal organization

Yes, there is ethics among five characteristics of ideal organization. The manager & supervisors in every aspects of job equally treat subordinates. They are indulged in ethical practices. Loyal, honesty and integrity is managed at every level of an organization.


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