Discrimination in the workplace is an ongoing problem in society

Discrimination in the workplace is an ongoing problem in society and can have extreme effects on a person’s career. The main types of discrimination are based on the basic demographic factors. The next is unconscious factors people don’t even realize what they’re doing and why it’s wrong. In conclusion how, work place discrimination hinders the business itself and creates a hostile work environment.

Work performance should be based on performance and not where a person comes from, how someone looks or their gender.

Age effects how hard someone thinks you can work or if you fit the image that they’re trying to attain. Tran’s genders are discriminated against because they are not in the normal. September 11, 2001 is a contributing factor on how individuals of Muslims and Islamic religion are treated in the workplace or in general. They are judged on the principles of someone else. Women are rarely considered equal enough to get the high paying jobs that a male could get.

Males can show little effort and will generally be supported and considered superior over a hard-working female. The gender pay gap on a male to female ratio statistics show in 2019 that women make 0.79 cents for every dollar that a man makes. A mother or a pregnant woman will be unreliable in a work environment due to child incidents or illness if they are lacking a thorough support system. This in turn hinders other hard-working parents because they will be grouped in the same category.

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Regardless of demographic factors everyone is subject to workplace discrimination. Discrimination presents itself in various forms. Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their conscious awareness. Unconscious bias happens outside of our control. Whether we realize it or not, it occurs automatically an unconscious bias thrives in our society. These unconscious feelings play a strong part in our judgement of certain groups of people, in many different areas of life. The halo and horn effect can make you overlook information about a candidate that shows they wouldn’t be the best fit in your business. The halo effect is when you focus only on a person’s good features. The horn effect is when one’s bad characteristic is focused on cancelling out all good aspects. The attributions affect comes into play in the workplace on how someone can benefit you or further your career. The bandwagon effect is basically monkey see monkey do, a candidate comes highly recommended you believe their great and vice versa.These are some of the reasonings behind what causes smart leaders to make bad decisions

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