Dirty Business

The underhanded business has been happening since the beginning of the fast-food industry. The underhanded business could involve anything from the farmers, the workers of the fast-food industry to the pushing out of mom-and-pop operations. Many people in the fast-food industry have dealt with it in one way or another.

The workers of these fast-food chains have been one major group to deal with this dirty way to do business. Workers get paid such a little amount for a lot of hard work.

Schlosser talks about how some female workers deal with sexual harassment in this industry to climb up the ladder to better-paying jobs or securely get a visa for the United States. While male workers deal with harassment from the nurses at the factories. The nurses would do anything to make sure that the injuries would go unreported to Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA. OSHA was created to make sure that big businesses take care of their workers and that no harm comes to them.

Although, in “Fast Food Nation” Eric Schlosser states, “The Reagan administration was determined to reduce OSHA’s authority even further, as part of the push for deregulation. The number of OSHA inspectors was eventually cut by 20 percent, and in 1981 the agency adopted a new policy of ‘voluntary compliance’” (179). This policy of voluntary compliance doesn’t work well because no factory would want to cause trouble for themselves and put how many injuries happened. Mom-and-Pop businesses have become less and less popular in today’s day and age.

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In Marshall A. Morris’s Valuing the ‘Mom & Pop’ Shop, explain that, “The small business in this illustration is a local ‘Mom & Pop’ business, such as the shoe-maker, pizza shop, or bakery in the nearby strip shopping center. Income is usually defined as either “earnings” or “cash flow,” both being types of income” (169).

They struggle to fight against the big businesses of today which are swallowing up small businesses around them. Mom-and-Pop businesses were supposed to be getting help from The Small Business Association; instead, most of the government funds were sent to major businesses that didn’t need the money. This is horrible because if there is ever a time when there are no more Mom-and-Pop businesses there wouldn’t be any more individuality and we all would be eating the same thing. The ranchers and farmers who produce all the products for fast food restaurants also have a hard time when it comes to underhanded business. Most farmers sell their produce and only get a couple of cents at most a couple of dollars, the same goes for the ranchers. Which doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t you want the person growing your vegetables to get paid well to grow better crops? These companies shouldn’t be worried about how much money they are making, but about how great the quality of their products is. These farmers\ranchers work so hard and in the end, they get paid nothing, the bigger business gets all the money.

You should always support your local mom-and-pop stores and all the workers that work so hard to bring us food. Underhanded business should not be around to this day and shouldn’t affect anyone.

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