Dilemma: Unexpected Pregnancy

Maude is an American sitcom television series that was first aired on the CBS network from September 12, 1972, until April 22, 1978. On session one in episode 9 and 10 Maude who was a 47 years old grandmother with a dilemma an unexpected pregnancy. In both episodes she goes with a lot of situations deciding whether she should have a baby or not. In part 1 story when Maude discovers she is pregnant, she gets panic and nervous as she is 47 years old and has one daughter who is also married.

She is just figuring out how to tell the news to her husband Walter. As she plays cards with neighbors Arthur and Vivian Cavender. Maude and Walter are scheduled to play cards one evening with some friends, but Maude is anything but, in a card, playing mood. Especially since, she just came back from a doctor’s appointment with some shocking news. Now the hard part for Maude was to break the news to Walter.

She breaks the news to Walter while he is eating a chicken leg and he almost chokes for the funniest moment.

He didn’t know how to react to that news, but later he tells Maude whatever she decides is fine with him thinking that Maude would understand him not wanting any kids. However, the first part wasn’t progressive much, whoever was find out about Maude pregnancy, they were all surprised and were suggesting about getting abortion or were making fun of her that how can she do that at this age.

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For example, Carol her own daughter tried to convince Maude to have an abortion saying it’s a simple operation now and its legal now and when her mother was growing up it was illegal, and it was dangerous, and it was sinister. Maude was confused by everyone response, and she really couldn’t decide what she wants. She had all the opinions and views going on her mind.

Even in generally if we see a woman is pregnant after her 40’s it is going to be a big deal for mother and a society she lives in. because it’s in our society, it’s our culture rule that women can’t have a baby after a certain age, even though it’s not true most of the time. Women can get pregnant and have a healthy baby also she can live good life. However, there are many risks for giving birth after 40’s but most of the time mother don’t think about those risk instead she thinks about the society and make a decision according to the society and not thinking of herself. However, in the second part of the story where Maude understood what she wants. she woke up the next morning saying she wants the baby thinking that her husband wants it and he’s happy about it. Maude said she doesn’t care about anyone else anymore except her husband and he’s wishes. On the other hand, her husband didn’t want a baby, he never wanted to have a baby, but he knew Maude wants one, so he said he wants the baby too and would support her whatever his wife decisions are. He also says he will get a vasectomy. So, they don’t have to face such problems in the future.

Thus, this part was more progressive where both partners were thinking about each other happiness. Without thinking about the culture rules are or what would society think having a child at that age. Both were supporting each other’s decisions; they were having a discussion about it. However, they both came to know It wouldn’t be easy to carry a baby, then they realized that, at their ages, they didn’t want to raise a second family. After soul-searching and taking advice from Carol, Walter, Arthur and Vivian, Maude decides to terminate the pregnancy. Nevertheless, Maude didn’t make a decision for society, even thought she was under pressure she didn’t let her effect it. She thought about herself and her husband and if she can rise a child at the age or wants to have a family. At this point people around them were also supporting them and respecting their decisions.

The second part kinda showed equality in society. Walter was ready to get a vasectomy. On the other side Maude was also able to decide if she wants to have a child or not. Because she realized she lives in the New York state where the abortion became legal during that period. In 973 was a year when abortion was becoming legal and safe in Unite State. Before that a woman was only allowed for an abortion if her life was at risk even for that she had to wait 24 to 48 hours after visiting a clinic to consult with their husbands, before having an abortion. Yet by making abortion legal nationally, Roe v. Wade has had a dramatic impact on the health and well-being of American women. Deaths from abortion have dropped and are now an uncommonness. In addition, women have been able to have abortions earlier in pregnancy when the process is safe. The percentage of abortions obtained early in the first trimester has increased from 20% in 1970 to 56% in 1998.

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