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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Computer

Study Of Digital Jewellery

Neetu Kashyap [1], Priyanka Kumari [2]

[1] UG Student, IT department, IPEM Ghaziabad, U.P, [email protected][2]UG Student, IT department, IPEM GHAZIABAD, U.P, priyankakumarigzb17gmail.com Under Mr. Shivoham Tiwari

[email protected]

“Digital Jewellery is the fashion jewellery with embedded intelligence. It falls inside the category of wearable digital devices with function similar like computer or of smartphones. It can help you in solving some common problems like forgetting password of various devices, keeping in track of your daily schedule and many more.”Digital Jewellery or Smart Jewellery are the terms used for the jewellery that has inbuilt intelligence, wearable by the user and helps user in performing wireless communication. Day by day researchers are trying to change the way we think about the Jewellery we wear. It may seem surprising yesterday, perhaps in present but, it will become a common norm tomorrow. In past, whenever we heard about jewellery, firstly ornaments comes into our thoughts. It is natural as ordinary Jewellery is worn for many reasons in our day-to-day life. Now the latest trend is of wearing wireless devices which performs task similarly as computers and smartphones. In recent years, wearable devices have been an emerging trend on the market but also a bit risky. Though recent studies also shows that peoples are showing great deal of interest in digital jewellery, but they also abandon their wearable devices after a period of time. The reason for this is to stay trendy and updated for new technology at the same time. Digital Jewellery appears to be one of the biggest change making and innovative idea of its time.

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This paper represent a specific and detailed study of the digital jewellery – its introduction, features, and limitation of these portable devices are also mentioned. In this paper there is also information about expectations of user regarding digital jewellery and also about some security threats.


Digital jewellery, IBM – International Business Machines Corporation, Wireless, Wearable, Inbuilt( Embedded ) Intelligence, Jewellery(Preferred spelling in British English ).

1. Introduction –

In other words digital jewellery is the term coined for the jewellery that works with the help of wireless communication and embedded intelligence. This wearable computers that allow you to communicate by ways of e-mail, voicemail, and voice communication.

These devices have a tiny processor and unique identifiers that interact with local sensors. They have the potential to be all-in-one replacement for your driver license, key chain, business cards, credit cards and loose cash because this is now possible with Digital Jewellery devices. Digital jewellery will be the evolution in digital technology that make computer element entirely compatible with the human form.

The digital jewellery was further divided in two categories : the LED technology-based light jewellery and the functional jewellery that can contain different kinds of technologies. Jewels in the light jewellery group do not create functional value for their users, but esthetic, status, emotional, and symbolic value. The light jewellery prototypes included light jewellery for consumers, light jewellery for pets, and effect jewellery for a movie and its fans. The functional jewellery prototypes included bola jewellery, lifesaving jewellery, and access control key jewellery.

1.1 History

2332990163639500According to Wikipedia, a wearable computer is a miniature electronic device that is worn by the user on top of or under clothing without any discomfort. It is a form of human-computer interaction that is capable of been worn and always available and collaborative to the user. It is a universal device that is always with the user which allows the user to enter commands and to do other activities without hindrance (Mann, 1998).

Fig. 1.Cell phones may one day be comprised of digital accessories that work together through wireless connections

The history of wearable computer dated it to 16th century when pocket watch was invented. The advent of some sophisticated software brought various types of wearable computers at this age. An early wearable system was a camera-to-tactile vest for the blind, published by C.C. Collins in 1977. It converted images into a 1024-point, 10inch square tactile grid on a vest. In 1981, Steve Mann built a backpack-mounted 6502-based computer to control flashbulbs, cameras and other photographic systems. In 1989, Reflection Technology marketed the Private Eye head-mounted display which scanned a vertical array of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) across the visual field using a vibrating mirror. In 1994, Edgar Matias and Mike Ruicci of the University of Toronto invented the wrist computer. Their wrist computer suggested an alternative approach to the emerging head-up display plus chord keyboard wearable. The system was built from a mutated HP 95LX palmtop computer and a Half-QWERTY one-handed keyboard. In 2002, as part of the Project Cyborg by Kevin Warwick his wife, Irena wore a necklace which had been electronically linked to Warwick’s nervous system via an implanted electrode array. The colour of the necklace changed between red and blue based on the signals on Warwick’s nervous system.


There are a lot of features that differentiate digital jewellery from other computerized devices like Laptops, Desktops, and Smartphones etc. Some of the features which are listed below is also important to consider before purchasing :

1. Portability: One of the most basic features of digital jewellery is that it can be used while walking or moving around here and there because of its tiny size. This particular feature distinguishes it from smartphones or other smaller computers like laptops.

2. Sensors: In addition to user inputs, a digital jewellery has sensors for its physical environment or surrounding. Such sensors might include cameras, speakers and microphones etc.

3. Constantly On: By default, some of the digital jewellery are always on and performing assigned work. This is different from the normal use of laptops or computers, which normally sits on the person’s desk and needs to be woken up whenever required. It is constantly working and available to the user any time.

4. User Attention-Free: Some of these devices will not require the constant user attention. It is not-bragging and unrestrictive to the user. The user will be able to do other things while using it, like walking around or jogging.

5. Communication: Some digital devices has the ability to communicate with the user within reasonable limit or area. It can also communicate to other systems & external world.

Digital Jewellery Components

Soon, the cell phones won’t come totally as a device. It will be broken up into their basic components and packaged as various pieces of jewellery or other devices. Each piece may contain a chip or sensor or the component necessary that will work as Digital Jewellery. Thus, all the components of Digital Jewellery will together work as conventional cell phone. IBM has developed a prototype of a cell phone that consists of several pieces of digital jewellery as shown in Fig. 2., that will work together wirelessly, possibly with Bluetooth technology, to perform the functions of the components which are listed below;

The various components that are comprise a cell phone generally include:



Touch pad,


Circuit board,

Antenna, and


256222544513500Earrings – Speakers embedded into these earrings will be the phone’s receiver.

Fig. 2. Earrings with embedded speakers

251460048831500Necklace – Users will talk into the necklace’s embedded microphone.

Fig. 3. Necklace embedded with microphone and camera

center68643500Ring – Perhaps the most captivating piece of such a phone is the “magic decoder ring” which is harnessed with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that flash to indicate an incoming call.

Fig. 4. IBM’s magic decoder rings

center115506500 Bracelet – Equipped with a video graphics array (VGA) display, this wrist display could also be used as a caller identifier that shows the name and phone number of the caller. This is shown in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Bluetooth Bracelet with built in rechargeable battery, when a call is coming the bracelet will vibrate and lamp flash . There are some potential designs for the above components that include;

center38290500Garnet Broach:

Fig. 6.Garnet Broach

Fig. 6., is a picture of a garnet broach containing a microphone. This enables you to record messages just by pressing a small button on the side.

center43815000 2. Red Ruby Necklace:

Fig. 7. Red Ruby Necklace

The necklace as depicted in Fig. 7., would have a microphone built in. All you would need to do to use it click a small button in the back. Then you can continue and get on with recording your message.

31242001647825001343025165735000The Java Ring : It seems that everything we use today is under lock and key. Even the devices we use daily are protected by passwords. And it becomes problematic to remember all of the passwords and keys that are required to unlock any door or computer. Java ring is a computerized ring wearable in finger that will automatically unlock doors and log on to computers by snapping it in blue-dot receptor fig. 8.

Fig. 8 The Java Ring is programmed to give you admittance to every door and device

Advantages and dis-advantages


Security – Security is an important or basic advantage and feature of digital jewellery. For example – Java Ring is used to unlock doors or computers by just one click. Hence we don’t require any passwords or keys to unlock them and we also don’t need to remember every single passwords of all the different applications or devices.

Portable – It is not possible to carry cell phone or computer everywhere and every time. At these time digital jewellery came handy as some computer features are installed in them.

Wireless – Digital jewellery are embedded with some computer components and it is an example of wireless technology. Hence it is possible to carry it anywhere in comparison with computer and sometimes laptops also.

Dynamic Programming is supported.

Functional in any environment.


Battery – Charging facility is not possible to be available everywhere and battery capability of some digital devices are also lacking in some way. Hence the device may become useless and cannot be carried everywhere.

Expensive – The prices of digital jewellery is high in comparison with other digital devices and they easily become out-dated as in fashion sense or because of some new technology launched or released in market. So every one may not be able to afford these devices.

Screen size –The digital jewellery are small in size, so its display screen is also small and few devices even may not have display screen. And small display screen or no display screen may become an obstacle for some user.

Water Resistance – Some digital jewellery does not have resistance towards water. So there is requirement for user to take precaution and care for them. And the few digital jewellery which has resistance against water are too less and expensive.


The use of wireless devices is increasing in day to day life. Along with wireless devices, wearable devices are also used. Thus, the combination of both wireless and wearable devices have given rise to digital jewellery. The size of the devices is also another major factor in advancement of technology. At the end of decade, the scenario could be like we would be wearing computers instead of sitting in front of them.

The basic concept behind digital jewellery is to have convenience along with remaining fashionably sound. However due to several bugs or reasons, the technology has not been marketable in the market. Charging capability and cost are the problems that comes with it. Hence the computers will surely become compatible with the human form in form of Digital Jewellery.


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All the images are taken from Google.

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on DIGITAL JWELLERY and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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