Difficulties of Establishing a Cultural Identity for the United States of America

America does not currently have an established identity. Since it is a very young country relative to others, America does not have the time to establish an identity. Americas past has involved many fights for freedom from other nations as well as from within our own nation. The responsibility of the American youth is to establish an identity for America. America is a nation that largely consists of immigrants. America is a melting pot of races and culture from around the world.

The main reason for the migration to America is because we all want freedom. But America has not a single identity to call its own. Since America consists of many cultures, a single culture is not agreed upon. The main reason that America has no cultural identity is because America has no ethnic origin. The natives of America now only consist of a very small portion of the nation. For America to create an identity it has to create an identity that consist of many races and cultures.

America has to and will create an identity that contains many cultures because America has become a melting pot of different cultures. America is the home to many races and cultures. America has trouble creating an identity because some of the population refuses the let America to have an identity that consists of many races. Some would rather have America defined by a single race or color. Many cultures conflict with one another and major differences arise. Since the beginning of the formation of the United States, race has been a major issue.

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In the past races have been segregated and isolated from one another. Some Americans refuse to see interracial relationships with another race other than their own. Some even fear that the evolutions of the human race will one-day become a major single race. This idea has cause many acts of violence in an attempt to place fear into others. During the life span of America there has always been pop culture.

Much of this culture have come and gone but never remains. This culture is mainly established by corporations to take advantage of the American youth as a consumer. Pop culture never defined American culture but defined the culture of a specific generation. Because many forms of pop culture have existed in America, we do not have a tradition or established culture of our own. The problem with pop culture is that the media is filled with mainly one type of person. Skinny, white, and beautiful people are on television, magazines and in music. This makes it easy to forget what a multi-cultural nation it is. The media is not a very diverse environment. This creates an image that makes other ethnic groups feel that they do not belong. In the earlier 20th century people of color were excluded from society. Today the white American image still exists. This image creates a problem for cultural unity. People of different race, religion, culture, and backgrounds have problems identifying with each other. People only interact with people of their own race. People also tend to live with people of their own culture. This makes it more comfortable for them to live in America but fails to integrate people of different cultures.

This resembles more of a salad than a melting pot of culture. As a child growing up in America, my friends mainly interacted with people of their own race. I was the only exception. I felt like the outsider. They had no problem identifying with me because we shared the same interest, but my friends felt more comfortable socializing with mainly white people. People initially see people based on color, ethnicity and on how they dress. The responsibility of establishing a culture for America belongs to the youth of America. America has been seen as the future leader of the world. The youth of America will also become the future leaders of the world. The youth will become part of the evolution of America. As future generations become more open-minded than the previous generation, cultural unity in America will be closer. Since America is a young country it should be allowed time to evolve and create an identity. An identity for America will have to be an image of a melting pot. I believe America will have an identity that says, we are not created by one, but by all. To create this identity people will have to not only understand their own culture, but understand others as well. America is still evolving into a nation that welcomes other races. It is the responsibility of the American youth and future generations to be open-minded and to teach diversity to their children in the future. Americans will need to cross racial and cultural lines. Once America finds its definition, it will consist of many definitions.

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