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Die Hanna Winter Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

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Torben Landsberg, coroner, had three cruel trimmed bodies of women are in the last two months on his autopsy table. Just as they were beaten with a knife and delivered a death blow from their horrific tortures, everything points to a Seientäter out – a psychopath, he feeds on the fear of his victims

Torben’s friend Lara has to. dream fulfilled their own cafes, and now Torben guest is on its opening party. Late at night and her ex-husband, Raphael, with whom she has a daughter appears. A bit transmits it still between the two, and it has extra-chic sexy dressed and. Torben however, falls pretty young backup operation behind the counter to Daniel; but – in contrast to the gay Torben – hot on Lara. In an unguarded moment, he harassed them with clear intentions. Since they are already longer together, he can not understand why she rejects him today: “Go away Let you never look back..”

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While Raphael Lara brought a bouquet of flowers – roses, like old times – Torben presented her a stun gun. One could even know where she lives all alone now never …

When Lara late at night closes her cafe, she is already expected from someone. sitting behind the wheel of his taxi, a man had been watching hooded shirt and baseball cap the output. On the ride home Lara remains with her car are: a tire is flat. What a blessing in disguise – here comes indeed at this hour and in this solitude a taxi over! Of course, it will go immediately

Strange:. The meter is off, the man wears leather gloves, and the doors are locked. Lara’s adrenaline level rises, panic coat – because he has unsheathed his knife and injured her shoulder. She manages to put him with their stun guns out of action, and to free himself from the car. Unfortunately, is still her purse with wallet, identification cards, credit cards, etc. in the taxi … And as we go from here? Who is the taxi driver? From the blurb one removes that he was an acquaintance …

light, liquid, logically consistent, with a small pinch of brutality and a psychopath as protagonists begins Hanna winter their crime. The seemingly popular topic of kidnapping and mistreatment of women from different motifs in myriad – read psycho thrillers – including very good. To stand out from the crowd, who must Hanna Winter still real hit in the hindquarters. Otherwise remains the book an average level. Let’s give her a chance, and let’s see how she brings her book to an end.

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