Determining Cultural Identity Through a Person's Ethnicity

White Culture or Black Culture

If I blindfolded, you sat you in a chair, started have a conversation with someone unbeknown to you, and they have proper English and cheerful tone. I say “her name is Claire”. Then I let you feel her hair and run your fingers through the length of it. I imply that it’s her real hair. Would you assume that she was white? What if she was a black girl? Would you not believe she was black because of the way that she talked? If proper English is “talking white”, then what is “talking black”.

Are all black people ratchet, ghetto, and ebonic speaking? Do they all have short stumpy hair or no hair at all? Are we the only ones that eat fried chicken and fast food and just so happen to pour the whole bottle of sugar in the Kool-Aid? To what extent does a person’s ethnicity determine their cultural identity?

Given the prior example you can come to conclusions that the blindfolded individual took all of the given information processed it and going off of sense perception and memory answered the race question.

He/Or she could have inferred straight off the bat that the name Claire doesn’t ring a bell as an African American name. We do get a little creative and most of the time name our kids a bunch of things we can’t even afford like Diamond, Mercedes, and Pearl. Meanwhile our white brothers and sisters choose a subtler approach when it comes to names like David, Daniel, Tim.

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I feel as though cultural grouping like these can happen when more of a race does something that other races do less of. Blacks are known for their hype approaches in church catching the spirit and falling to the floor, beating their kids when they mouth off, taking up all of the time in parent teacher conferences, being cheap, fighting, breaking up words to find an easier way to say it, smoking weed, and sending their child death threats through their teeth.

However white people are infamously known for eating together as a family talking about their day, driving range rovers, always sounding so enthusiastic, packing their lunch, then taking their lunch and only eating one bite then throwing the rest away, laying off the sugar, and getting time out. However, a black child doesn’t know about time out we know about getting knocked out. Studies shows that 89% of black parents will beat their kids. I can infer through history and Human Science that we are more likely to beat our kids because as slaves we were beaten and sometimes that was the only way they could get us to listen.

That practice has been passed down, the people back then got their beating and it made them better people because pain reminds you of what not to do so given that some good came out of that belt has been passed down people are able to use their memory and say “this really works”. It goes hand in hand with human sciences as well. Human Science is the study of experiences, activities, constructs, and artifacts associated with human beings. A beating for us black people has been a psychological issues and mind juggling experience for us all our lives; there is always a better or more effective way to solve any issue but because of the experience and how there has been more good from whooping’s outweighing the bad we continue to practice it.

I can most definitely infer through language, memory, sense perception, and reason that because of Human Science and History effects the way we categorize a group of people of the same race. History being all the way back to slavery or history being last week. I have only seen one white lady whooping her daughter and I know for a fact I can’t even count on my fingers and toes how many times I have witnessed or even been a part of corporal punishment. About 89% of black people beat their kids which I believe it has grown to about 95% in 2015 but 78% of those households are single parent households and 65% of single parent households have more than one child. Studies shows that children with both their parents act better.

Going back to what I stated prior, when our master didn’t know what to do with us or he wanted to set an example for other slaves or to scare us from running off he beat us until our skin teared. It made us to listen, and to be obedient. This piece of history has become our present and future. I guess this could imply that it’s a generational curse, a curse being a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone to someone else and supernatural being beyond the understanding of a scientist which stems to Human Sciences. I believe that human science is a science that a scientist couldn’t understand past the basic brain functions. I have noticed that black people we take pride is physically punishing our kids not realizing that sometimes it can cause metal anguish but that is an argument for another day.

I went shopping in Ross and the white lady got down on her knees trying to reason with her son she was saying “I’ll take you to Toys R’ Us if you behave, now hold my hand Sammy come on”. My mom looked at me and I looked at her and we simultaneously shook our head because we knew what we would have done if we were placed on that situation. White people become more sensitive when it comes to their children and they know that we are the majority of the population that they reason with them, stay at one tone, and then their kids take advantage of that. A black mother will discipline her child through her body language, or the clenching of her teeth or how a white mom will give her child the stink eye. language could be the ebonics that supposedly all of us African American speak or all the talking white that white people do. Language shapes our perception.

When you’re a black child talking to much of your business when you look over at your mother and you see her siting up in her chair with her lips pleated and her legs crossed just staring at you while she is rocking her body back and forth. Her body language appealed to your sense perception you sensed her looking at you and something in your gut told you to shut up. You perceived that she was upset and knew that you’d meet up with the belt later. Of course it’s mostly blacks even on welfare or food stamps whatever you choose to acknowledge it as because blacks are poor. White people have a less intimidating approach they are always smiling and welcoming. The language of the two race groups is different because as a child you’d be scared to ask your black mother for anything not only cause the money is tight you will be interviewed as to why this thing of yours is so important and 9 time out of 10 the answer will always be no but is she does find the energy to say yes she will tell you that she can get it for you next pay day which 8 times out of 10 means the next 10 paychecks. But with white parents they will more than likely jump on it right away.

I’ll never forget the day my family went to visit my mother’s friend who lives in a gated community with only mansions. We were driving up to her house and this black man was outside washing his car. My mother looks over and she says ‘‘wow he must be a doctor to be living here he is probably the only black person living in this area”, because we don’t see a lot of blacks in a good area, or a lot of black succeeding or even wanting to be anything in life when we finally do get to witness it with our two eyes we stereotype them. Having not seen anything like it would give us all the more reason to believe that our scenario as to why he or she is in the position that they are in is true. He might be a doctor. But what if he was more than just that and why is it that you imply that there can’t be any black doctors. Sometimes people think that white people are the only race that can make it or can strive for something better almost as if they have paved the way for us but we make a way for ourselves. There is a clear difference between both races but every Muslim doesn’t want to be a part of suicide bombing.

White people and the rest of society knows there is a difference. They don’t say it but they show through their actions that they know the difference. There is not one McDonald’s or Hip-Hop Fish and Chicken in Brooklanville Md where the majority of the wealthy white people live. However, given the clear difference I don’t not think that because the majority of a race does something doesn’t mean that a whole group of people should be categorized as well.

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