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Despite many threats and the spread of fear among the citizens of Paper

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Despite many threats and the spread of fear among the citizens of the whole world, Chaplin dared to produce his film “The Great Dictator” in that sensitive period when greed possessed the soul of the people in power “dictators” who always put their needs on their top priority. The ones who refused such acts were kidnapped, tortured or erased from this world. Fortunately, Chaplin never lost hope on the possible existence of democracy, his speech at the final scene of the movie “The Great Dictator” was epic in addition to its worldwide recognition for its call for a world where democracy survives under the absolute governance of cruel leaders.

Chaplin’s voice reached millions of people around the world. Especially, during a time while the world was in great danger as Hitler and Mussolini signed a pact known as “The Pact of Steel” which was an official declaration of an ally between the Nazi-Fascist. These two leaders noted for their cruelty, their anti-Semitism. In addition to their enormous will of controlling the globe were calling for dictatorship. Anyone who stood in the way of achieving such a goal was untraceable. The Great Dictator’s final speech was mostly directed toward the characters mentioned above who desired to exterminate democracy.

Chaplin began his speech by stating “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor” for emperors were remarked by their brutality and greedy nature. His main purpose was that people fight for their rights, for a future where they could be free and dictators will no longer exist as he mentioned: “And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.”, when dictators are extinct, people will get the chance to be secure, to work and live with dignity which they have been searching for since infancy. Chaplin has been promoting for democracy through the art of movies, the art of speechmaking since he is a celebrity highly admired and respected by millions of people around the globe which would increase the importance of his words.

Charlie Chaplin invited the people to unify for a higher purpose in life, socially, politically, and economically which is democracy, Chaplin stated: “in the name of democracy, let us all unite!” as democracy will guarantee a life that is worth to live in, will assure the progress of one nation in addition to its citizens. Chaplin’s tone and use of the three main rhetorical tools “ethos, pathos, and logos” played an important role in the delivery of the message he wanted the citizens to hear, feel, as well as touch the world’s great need for democracy during the presence of tyrants which was challenging, yet not impossible. Chaplin claimed that if all the people stick together, they would be undefeatable. The British used the policy of “divide and rule” with its colonies because the more divided a population is, the easier it is to control it. “Before leaving India, the British made sure a united India would not be possible.” (Tharoor)

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As a conclusion, Charlie Chaplin’s speech was a major call for democracy in the light of the past events, there is a sense of rebellion for a better future as mentioned in the speech “Let us fight to free the world” (Chaplin). A person needs to be passionate about the fate of his nation.

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