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DeloitteWhen an individual joins Deloitte they can focus on Paper

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When an individual joins Deloitte, they can focus on shaping their future and plan their career accordingly. The organization will assist you to build a professional excellence by aiming on one’s personal growth and career progression. Here the career of an individual is managed by frequent checks and monitoring of their performance by aligning it to a competency-based performance management system through specific counsellors that are assigned for each employee. In reunite employees are promised of a well-crafted career path, regular promotions opportunities and responsibility.

Here the individuals will be provided with full motivation and required support to attain professional qualifications in various fields such as financial advisory, consulting, tax and risk services as well as help in sharpening the technology and business skills.

One can select from various training methodologies such as webcasts, eBooks, classroom trainings, podcasts, e learning programs etc and these selections of training methods totally depends on the way one wants to learn and from the field one has selected to specialise. The organization further assists in keeping an eye on the performance of the employees in addition to the encouragement and motivation that they provide and makes an individual feel free to come forward and discuss any issues that they might be facing along the path.

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The organization moves on further to recommend courses and qualifications to the employees in addition to the support and encouragement they provide an employee to set their own plan and goals for development. The organization provides qualified counsellor to the employee who be a valuable sounding board to help them to shape their trainings.


P&G are focussed on identifying and promoting world class leaders just as their brands and with the help of theory “build from within” strategy, the organization creates and develops within themselves. Most of the individuals who had joined the organization at the entry level today find themselves up in the higher level in their own unique way. The employees are seen to build and promote the top brands of the organization and in return the organization makes sure to build and develop the individuals into leaders of industry. The training and development strategies in the organization is powerful enough to transform an entry level employee to an expert leader and take them all over the globe.

The organization focusses and commits to developing an individual in a very personalized and specific manner which ell enable them to develop and grow so that they can develop and grow the brands of the organization to become the best sellers and sort after products. The organization implements the 70/20/10 learning method where 70 % is achieved from experience,20 % from colleagues, peers and mentors and 10 % from structured materials and courses. One of the main training programs known as P&G leadership academy is seen as a suite of best in class learning chances that is accessible and available for all.

Regardless of how you join the organization as an experience one or recruit or a student, one will not find any gradual onboarding or rotational programs here but will have the opportunity to start immediately and make meaningful impact and contribution right from day one.

Etihad Airway

In 2011 Etihad Airways utilized 1,000 UAE nationals through an assortment of projects and direct section activities, and by year end they comprised 21 percent of the worker base to end up the second biggest nationality gathering, contrasted with fifth in 2010. The increment in Emiratis in the workforce was went with by expanded portrayal of Emiratis internationally in urban areas over the system. An admission of 350 is anticipated for 2012 and afterward a normal extra 200 every year from that point.

The enrolment of Emiratis is led in coordinated effort with the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council and upheld by a mentorship and instructing plan to additionally improve their execution, adequately decipher formal learning into the working environment and bolster them in quest for the goals that shape some portion of their Personal Advancement Plans. 2011 saw the presentation of a few new projects to upgrade and enhance the current range. These incorporate projects in IT, air terminal tasks improvement, deals advancement, and back improvement.

Career Planning Practices in the local and global contexts

The different career planning practices in global contexts are:


Globalization has been a positive influence on unemployment in various parts of the globe by allowing the movement of job patterns, fluctuation of wages, migration of labour from the developing countries to the developed ones and with the rapid increase in the import and export activities throughout the globe.

Globalization is seen here to show the importance of major raise in trade and exchanges worldwide in a progressively more borderless, integrated and open international economist has influenced one and all be it the small states or the super powers. The focus and challenge for every nation is to identify their spot at the earliest in this fast and rapidly changing global economy. Globalization has allowed the super powerful nations to utilize the resources that are available in far foreign soils which would not have been possible in the absence of globalization.

Another trend that has seen to emerge rapidly ion the 21st century has been the demand of increased job specialization and this can be related to globalization as well. Creased job specialization, technology and improved productivity are linked inextricably. Employers are always in search for employees who knows how to utilize the latest productivity enhancing tools that are the result of modern technology.

The different career planning practices in local contexts are:


The country has implemented various policies that facilitates and impacts the local market and strongly encourages the employment of nationals. Some of the policies that have helped the policy to be effective are improving the quality of the educational system and training of nationals, wage subsidies, employment targets for the UAE nationals, charges of foreign labour, and government wage restrain fees and quotas.

Emiratization has been one of the most looked upon policy and strategy of the government of UAE and high priorities are given to this in order to achieve the development of the country. The locals of the country are always searching for chances to develop their career and grow professionally and built a well-designed career path. Organizations that have these facilities has a much better opportunity to retain local talents and skills.

Etihad Airways puts resources into forming UAE nationals into future avionics pioneers through its exceedingly effective a multiyear Graduate Management Program, which is supported by universally licensed capabilities and incorporates classroom instruction with at work preparing, both in the UAE and over the system. UAE nationals are currently the main nationality aggregate inside the supervisors’ level.

Also, all levels of staff take an interest in preparing and acceptance sessions, with participation from 2,822 centre representatives and graduate chiefs in Abu Dhabi amid the primary quarter of 2014. The carrier’s first Management Effectiveness Program was likewise propelled a year ago, preparing more than 1,200 individuals directors in more than 20 nations on Etihad Airways’ administration rehearses.

In anticipation of future development, another Corporate Academy opened for the current year and offers an expanded limit of 275 individuals for every day. The foundation energizes intuitive and inventive learning, with remote innovation, best in class sound video offices, and functional aircraft related conditions, for example, ridicule registration and contact focus work areas. It will likewise give virtual classrooms that enable staff to go to instructional courses from any PC in the system.


To identify and realise my knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) I possess as well those that I need to succeed in the accounting field, an examination. The Examination was made up 16 variables that was developed by Raymond Cattell. The variables and my results were:

1. Warmth

This variable was used to know my ability on being positive and good to the mass audience. With the type of personality that I have. I have achieved a score of 2.7 in this as I am friendly, easy going and like interacting with people.

2. Reasoning

This variable was used to understand my ability to think and measure on different situations and circumstances. I have achieved a score of 2.3 to show my ability to understand the facts rather than just acting on my common sense.

3. Emotional Stability

This variable was used to understand my ability of controlling my emotions when facing different situations that I might be inhere I have scored score of 2.7 as I have always trained myself to approach and respond to any given situation in a positive manner and control my emotions and quickly adapt to the situation.

4. Dominance

This variable was used to understand my ability to deal with different individuals in different scenarios. My score was 2.8, which depicts that I always try to enforce my decisions to others around me. I believe and understand that I should start to improve this factor in me to be able to deal with other in a more better and positive manner.

5. Liveliness

This variable was used to understand my ability to portray my energy and influence the people around me. My score was on 2.4 and this shows the serious type of person that I am while also being enthusiastic and cheerful individual. Taking into consideration all this I feel that the field that I have chosen for my career will align to the more serious nature of mine and that will allow me to taste success in future.

6. Rule-Consciousness

This variable is sued to understand my knowledge and ability to know the importance of rules and regulations that are put on me and how well I abide by them. My score was comparatively low of 2.3, and this portrays my failure to abide by all the rules and regulations. This is a major setback for me as my career always wants me to know the importance of the rules and regulations and abide by them in order to eliminate any chances of fraud or sensitivity issues.

7. Social Boldness

This variable was used to understand and know how confident m I socially. My score was 2.5 found to be near the median level which portrays that while I am bold and confident at times but hesitant too at times depending on the situation and place that I am in. I believe and understand that I have to improve myself in this factor to be more confident about myself and my abilities.

8. Sensitivity

This variable was used to find out how much does the environment and surrounding that I operate in has effect on me. I scored 2.5 of moderately high which shows that I am very sensitive and aesthetic to situations.

9. Vigilance

This variable was used to find out how able I was to keep an eye on my surroundings and environment and how I doubted certain situations and suspected activities. I scored a very low 1.9 which shows that people can gain my trust easily and I accept situations easily. This is also a major setback for me as I should be very calculative in considering situations and activities around me rather than just trusting any one blindly.

10. Abstractedness

This variable was used to identify by ability to be imaginative about certain scenarios and situations. My score here was 2.0 which depicts that I am more on the impractical side and absorbed ideas and changes rather than being practical and prosaic.

11. Privateness

This variable was used to know how open and honest I was with myself and with the work that I am involved into. I scored 1.9 in this which portrays that I am honest with myself and others and genuine in everything that I do.it also shows my other side which is being unpretentious and na?ve.

12. Apprehension

This variable was used to identify how I was affected or troubled by certain situations. I scored low 1.5 here which shows that I am well satisfied with myself and do not have any guilty in me for my actions and behaviour.

13. Openness to Change

This variable was used to understand how free minded and open m I to the changes around me and how easily and well do I adapt or accept the changes. My score was 2.4 which shows that although my thinking is yet traditional, but I am not resistant to coming of new ideas and changes. I make sure to apply my critical thinking while respecting the traditional benchmarks as well.

14. Self-Reliance

This variable was used to know how much I relied on my needs and requirements. My score was 2.4 which portrays my group oriented and being resourceful nature.

15. Perfectionism

This variable was used to know how high I have set my standards for myself. My score was 2.8 shows that I always believe in getting my job done perfectly and in proper way and with the proper discipline and guidelines. However, I can also be flexible and open to new changes and differences.

16. Tension

This variable was used to understand how goal driven I am and how does it impact and influence by stress and patience. My score is 1.4 found to be too low and depicts my composed less stressed personality.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on DeloitteWhen an individual joins Deloitte they can focus on and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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