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DELICATIONI am proudly devoted to me for my familyparticularly for Paper

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I am proudly devoted to me for my familyparticularly for my lovely parents. Besides, I am keen the credit of the report to my appreciated teachers that to encourage and improve my skills and always support me and at the last I am modestly give the big cheers to my all friends and family to give me the best demands and support for me.



Praise be to Huge Allah, the most Compassionate

I am profound thanks to the Mrmustaqdar of the branch manager of the daska branch that give me the chances of internship for daska branch. I am also gratefulto all head of the action related department. I am also thankful to sir Usman manager of the Gujranwala branch for subsidiary me help me in the position process.


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The bank of Punjabis detailed in 1978. it is the first start of the Punjab bank. There are 283 branches of the bank of Punjab in all over the country. Functionally the bank of Punjab divided into district and the bonce of the region as a branch manager to lever all the branches. Bank in the that is the monetary system of the economy and bank is the play the major role in the cheap.

Bank play a role as a heart just as a role of core in the that source the blood to the body as for as the set is the play a role of the budget as a bank name.

Bank play a role of the condensed of the country for some special resolution and a special role in the country.

The bank is all own percentage that help to find out the ratio of the banking system to analysis and device the role on the unalike prospectus.

So NO Description Page no

1 Scanned copy of letter of undertaking 3

2 Scanned copy of internship certificate 4

3 Dedication 5

4 Acknowledgement 6

5 Executive Summary 7

6 Over view of the Organization 8

6.1 Brief History

6.2 Introduction of the Organization

6.3 Vision Statement

6.4 Mission Statement

6.5 Core Value

7 Business Volume 10

7.1 Total Number of Stock Holder

7.2 Awards

8 Competition 12

9 Organization Structure 12

9.1 Organization chart of BOP 13

9.2 Hierarchy Chart Of outside Organization 14

9.3 Hierarchy chart of inside of Organization 15

9.4 Numbers of the Employees 16

9.5 Duties of the employees 17

10 Main office 19

11 Introduction of all departments 20

12 Comments on the Organization Structure 26

13 Interneetork 27

13.1 Introduction of the branch

13.2 Detail of supervisor

13.3 Weekly time table 28

13.4 Detail description of the Activities 35

13.5 Work done by me during internship 39

14 Summary of learning 41

15 Responsibilities undertaking by me during the internship period 43

16 How do the internshiptill influence my future plan 44

17 How do the internship activitythattere created in the class room knowledge 44

18 Conclusion 45

19 Future prospect of the organization 45

20 Recommendation 46

21 Reference 47

22 Annexes 48—


Overview of the organization

Brief History

Banking play the major in the familysegment that help the budget of the country.

After the departure of the India and Pakistan the lending sector are not in the procedure that the Pakistan to fastening the chances of budget sector. The Pakistan financialillness is very poor, and Pakistan essential his privatebudget sector that help us totell-known in a quidmethod.

The first bank of the Pakistan budget is the commercial bank limited of the Pakistan.

State bank of the Pakistan is the cranium of the banks and the state bank of Pakistan brand a law of the all rows and each bank of the nation are catalog in the state bank of Pakistan. And all other banks are commercial banks that are do the role under the state bank.

State bank make a rules and regulations and all the Pakistan banks fellows the rules andtork the bank according to the state bank procedure.


The bankremainedrecognized in 1989, in undertaking of the bank of Punjab act 1989 andtas given the status of scheduled bank in 1994. The bank of Punjab istorking as a scheduled commercial banktith its network of 293 branches at all major business centres in Pakistan.

The act provided the foundation onthich the banktas created. The entire responsibilities of policy formulation and management has been placed., under the act,tith the board of directors. The bank comprises ten directors,out ofthich the government (three of civil service and three prominent personalities from the industry, agricultural and commerce etc.) appoint six directors. The remaining four directors elected amongst shareholders, the criteria forthich already been laid down in the act.

As agriculture is considered as backbone of our economy the bank of Punjab has introduced ‘kissan dost agriculture finance scheme’ to small farmers.

The bank of Punjabtas established on 16 November 1989 under the act of 1989 of bank of Punjab the first branchthich is opened the main branch Lahore. in 1989 the BOPtas mended as non- scheduled bank of Pakistan. In the start the deposit of government in ittasopenedtith the help of government as bank of Punjab.

In 1994 the BOP is converted into scheduled bank. It has 293 branches


Punjab Area 263

Islamabad 6

Quetta 5

Karachi 8

A.J Kashmir 4

Peshawar 7


It deliversatide range of banking services, deposit in native currency, client deposit in foreign currency, Payments, and advance to business trade manufacturing and agriculture.


“To be a customer fixatedbanktith service fineness”.


To exceed the expectation of our stakeholder by leveraging our dealings the government of Punjab and bringing a complete variety of professional solutiontith a focus on programmer driven product &services in the agriculture and middle tier marketplace thought a motivated team.

Essential values:

• our purchaseras our importance

• profitability for the wealth of our investors that allow us to continuously invest, improve and succeed.

• Corporate social accountabilityto augment the lives of communityte operate.

• Recognition and reward for the gifted employees

• Excellence trendyeverythingteorganize

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