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Every corner of your house is important including your bathroom! Just as your bedroom and living room need to look elegant, your bathroom too needs to look great because it speaks a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Over the years, we have been helping the residents of Del Mar by creating customized bathrooms to suit their family needs.

Del Mar is a beautiful place with many beautiful homes. We have been fortunate to work with the lovely people here by creating gorgeous bathrooms that are high on style and quality, yet affordable.

A bathroom is a space that is used multiple times every day, so we take care to see that it is built to the highest standards. With us, you can be assured of the quality, style and durability. We are reliable bathroom remodeling contractors and we use only quality materials because we know bathroom remodel our customers want a bathroom that looks good and functions well for many years.

Our precise work ensures your bathroom stays strong and durable for years down the line. Once we remodel your bathroom, you need not think of remodeling it again in the near future. We seriously consider your vision and the utility when planning your bathroom remodel because we want you to be satisfied with the look as well as convenience.

We have the required knowledge and skills to replace your existing tiles and do all the plumbing and bathroom electrical work. You can also call us if you want a shower remodel or a handicap accessible shower.

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We cater to a variety of bathroom remodel needs in Del Mar. So get in touch with us if you want a tile shower remodel,or complete renovation of your bathroom. We would be glad to serve you!

Carmel Mountain

It is in the bathroom that you begin your day, so it is important to make it as pleasant as possible. For many years we have been doing that in Carmel Mountain and many other places by creating incredible bathrooms. However old or badly planned your bathroom might be, with our expert bathroom remodeling team we can create a bright and vibrant bathroom for you to enjoy every day. Our remodeling is customized to each customer’s needs and budget.

Let us know if you are short of space and use your tub rarely and you would like to convert your tub into a shower. Tub to shower remodels are very popular and we are masters at that! We also do tile shower remodels and handicap bathroom remodels. We understand each individual is different and each family has varying needs, so we design and remodel bathrooms accordingly.

Get in touch with us if you want to make your bathroom handicap accessible. We install handicap accessible showers and other fittings to make the physically challenged enjoy their independence!

We lead the bathroom remodeling industry and we are proud to have skilled people on our team. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Carmel Mountain work honestly and with precision to make you satisfied. Whether you want to make your family bathroom more contemporary or make your additional bathroom more efficient and elegant, we can help you!

The noteworthy features of our bathroom remodeling:

• We use materials that are high quality.

• Our remodeling process is centered around your requirements and taste.

• You are a part of our designing team. We consult you at every stage during the bathroom remodel process.

• Our bathroom remodels are competitively priced. We have no hidden charges.

• We create stylish and visually appealing bathrooms to make bathing a delight.

Now, are you ready to give a makeover to your bathroom?


Bathrooms can be luxurious or simple and efficient. We are passionate bathroom remodel contractors, creating beautiful bathrooms that can energize you every morning by stimulating your senses while also helping to relax your mind and body as the day ends. We simply love remodeling bathrooms. Being the most professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Torrey Pines, we are known for customizing bathrooms to suit varied needs.

We believe bathroom remodeling is not just about replacing cracked tiles or fixing leaking faucets. It is a lot more. As you go through the years, your needs and priorities change. We understand that and center our remodeling process around those changed needs. There are changes in technology and new materials that are surfacing each new day and above all, your requirements have changed! Are you no longer enjoying your shower in your old bathroom? Now is the time to renovate!

We are interested in remodeling your bathroom, whether it’s a tub to shower remodel, a tile shower remodel, or a handicap bathroom remodel. If minor changes cannot satisfy you, contact us for a complete bathroom remodel. We would be more than happy to work with you! However, if you are unsure about the look you want or which materials to choose, we are always by your side to help.

We will work to the highest standards to create a stunning bathroom for your family. Meeting your expectations is our priority, however we always try to exceed that! If you are located in or around Torrey Pines and looking for efficient and trustworthy bathroom remodel contractors, call us today at 858-252-2297.


Oceanside is a beautiful coastal city and we love the friendly and warm residents here. We are the best bathroom remodel contractors in Oceanside and we are lucky to have worked with the people here. Over the years we have been becoming more skilled and knowledgeable of the latest trends and techniques in the bathroom remodeling industry to give our clients the best.

Whether you want a luxurious and contemporary bathroom or just need some repair services for your existing Oceanside bathroom, you can trust us! We use quality materials and fixtures, so please be guaranteed about the durability. Looking to install a handicap shower? Don’t worry! We can do all that to make your dear ones comfortable. You can also rely on us for a tub to shower remodel, a tile shower remodel or a total makeover. We want to see each and every client of ours contented, so we go to great effort to ensure that.

We can also remodel bathrooms in Oceanside that align with the coastal features. We can make your bathroom one with the ocean to give you the ultimate bathing experience. In fact, we are known for being distinct in our work.

We have transformed numerous bathrooms in Oceanside over the years. We remodel your bathroom artistically while focusing on your requirements and utility. If you want storage space in your bathroom and are more concerned about the cabinetry, please be assured, we can install new cabinets to make your bathroom well organized. However small or large your bathroom space might be, you can count on us for creating a gorgeous bathroom that comes with maximum comfort and convenient features.

If you reside in or around Oceanside and you are considering a bathroom remodel, call us at 858-252-2297!


Who doesn’t like to lead a quality life? We have been striving to add quality to the life of the residents of Ramona by creating startlingly beautiful bathrooms that are affordable too. We are the best known bathroom remodel contractors in Ramona who are capable of transforming any lifeless bathroom into a vibrant, energizing space.

Ramona residents can call us for any bathroom remodeling service. We work hard to make your vision a reality. We recommend the best remodel design for your bathroom after inspecting the space and getting to know your family requirements. However, if you have any specific needs such as a handicap accessible shower or a handicap bathroom remodel for the convenience of a disabled or elderly member in your family, we work hard to make it convenient for them. We also do tub to shower remodels, tile shower remodels, and cater to many other needs. If you are concerned about the look and want a totally new and modern looking bathroom, we will be happy to create a magnificent bathroom for you!

We have worked with several clients over the years and helped them transform their bathrooms. We assure full quality, durability and affordable prices. With us, you need not worry about the design or materials, we will guide you through the entire bathroom remodeling process. Whether you want a small change in your bathroom or a total bathroom remodel, we can be at your service at your convenient time. Also, we are very professional in our work so that you will be as little inconvenienced as possible during remodeling.

For an efficient shower remodel or total bathroom renovation, get in touch with us at 858-252-2297!


In these busy times, many people love to have a spa like treat at home. Homeowners in large numbers are preferring to remodel their bathrooms to create the most luxurious ones to experience life the way they want. Over the years, we have been serving the people of Santee by designing and remodeling bathrooms tailored to specific needs and taste. We are specialist bathroom remodeling contractors with a large customer base in Santee and the San Diego area. With our skills and expertise we are able to satisfy our clients and their happiness is a reflection of our professionalism and efficiency.

We excel when it comes to tub to shower remodeling and tile shower remodels, so if you are planning to convert your tub into a shower to utilize the space efficiently, let us know. We also do all the tiling, plumbing and electrical work of your bathroom. We also surpass all others in the industry in creating a bathroom for the physically challenged and the elderly. If you have people with mobility issues in your Santee home, we can install a handicap accessible shower efficiently. Get in touch with us for a shower remodel or a complete bathroom remodel. We will be delighted to work with you!

If you are a resident of Santee and you are looking for professional bathroom remodeling contractors, call us immediately! We will work to the highest standards to make sure you are happy with your new bathroom. Your satisfaction is our priority. Because we have a passion for bathroom remodeling, we always try to be unique in each of our projects and at the same time center all our work around your comfort.


Chula Vista has many warm people who have a great interest in decor. Over the years we have been catering to the needs of the people of Chula Vista by remodeling bathrooms in any style that interests our customers here. Having worked with many clients in the area, we know what the residents like and dislike about their bathrooms. This knowledge allows us to be familiar with the preferences of the residents of Chula Vista and admire their taste!

We are the most efficient bathroom remodeling contractors in Chula Vista and we are reputed for taking up large and small projects with equal interest. We excel in tub to shower conversions, tile shower remodels, and handicap bathroom remodels.

We love our job so we take a keen interest even in the smallest of tasks. We believe perfection is what makes you happy and we take extra care to see that your bathroom remodel is completed with core precision. Call us today if you require a shower remodel, a handicap accessible shower, or a completely new and contemporary bathroom. We will talk with you to learn your bathroom needs and once we know what you require, we will provide a free estimate.

If you reside in Chula Vista and you are looking to remodel your bathroom, give us a call at 858-252-2297. We will speak to you in person or over the phone to identify your vision accurately so that there are no errors during the process. We work for your convenience and comfort.

For a tub to shower remodel, a handicap bathroom remodel, or a total bathroom remodel, call us right away!


A bathroom is your personal space. It is one place in your house which truly speaks volumes about who you are. Over the years, we at San Diego Bathroom have helped our customers in Allied Gardens achieve the perfect bathroom makeover, giving them a sense of luxury at an affordable price.

If you or someone you know has mobility issues, we can help you achieve a sense of comfort and ease with our handicap bathroom remodel services. These services include, but are not limited to a handicap accessible shower. We design your bathroom that you do not feel any inconvenience while using your own bathroom. Our handicap shower installation is completely customizable. We work exactly according to your requirements ,and put your comfort above everything else.

When searching for bathroom remodel contractors, you want a company who works exactly in preference to your needs. If you are looking for a tub to shower remodel, look no further. We are specialists in this field, providing you with shower remodels that are not only stylish and elegant, but also durable and reliable.

Trusted in the bathroom remodel business, we have an expert team who will guide you to achieve the perfect tile shower remodel. Whether it is a complete bathroom remodeling service that you require or just a section that you need updating, we have it covered for you. We provide shower remodel services which will transform your shower into a haven of opulence and calm, making you look forward to taking a shower every day.

As a resident of Allied Gardens, you should look no further to find a company who will help you perfect your dream bathroom and indulge you in a world of beauty and comfort. San Diego Bathroom has become known as a company which will convert your dream into a reality,and we promise to deliver in our promises.

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