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Dear Ms Ekl?fI’m pleased to inform you that this is your lucky Essay

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Dear Ms. Ekl?f

I’m pleased to inform you that this is your lucky day, because you’re going to read about my friend’s amazing summer and more specifically the summer camp he went to.

His name is Theodor Larsson and during his summer break, he went to a summer camp called The Navy Home. It is a voluntary organization whose purpose is to let adolescents try out what it is like to work in the Swedish Navy/army. The camp lasted for just over a fortnight and during the stay, he learned many new things like how to navigate in the dark.

The whole camp started with a swim test for Theodor in H?rn?sands indoor swimming pool. To pass the test, he had to be able to swim 200 meter and then dive down 4 meter under the surface to save a human from drowning. If he had been able to do that, he would be forced to go home directly. Luckily, Theodor and most of the other adolescents passed the test and were ready to be transported to the island where the camp took place.

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When he arrived at the island, he and the others met the school principal for the camp who greeted them and handed them their uniforms and other military belongings. They then got escorted to their living quarters and met their roommates. He did not know any of these people so when they got the order to get dressed in one of the uniforms in five minutes, he got in shock and looked at the others in the room. They were equally shocked so they just helped each other to figure out which uniform it was and got to work.

The first day felt like a week of nightmare for Theodor as all he did was either too slow or just wrong. When he finally got to bed, he wondered where he had ended up. Nothing was as he expected it, all he did was wrong and he did not know anybody. He wondered if he was going to quit the camp, but decided to at least stay for four more days.

The upcoming days where almost as tough as the first on but he adapted and got used to the stress and critique. Theodor and his roommates got to know each other as the days went by and the bond within the group got stronger due to the pressure that was put on the adolescents.

When day five had gone by, Theodor decided that he would stay the rest of the camp to get to know all these people better. As the days went by, the group started to get the hang of what was expected from them and the task they were given was educative and fun. He had now learned how to navigate with only a compass, to send and receive Morse code, boat driving and how to sail.

The rest of the camp continued in the same theme as the beginning, with hard workouts and many sailing and navigation exercises. Theodor completed the camp and told me it was one of the best things he ever done. When he told me this story, I could not understand what he meant at all. To me, this sounded like a torture in a way, but I will have to try it out for myself to know the answer.

I look forward to hear your opinions on what you think about this camp.

Best wishes

J. Ydehall

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