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Dear Aquinas American SchoolSince the moment your doors opened at Paper

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Dear Aquinas American School,

Since the moment your doors opened at the beginning of the year, I’ve had some very memorable moments along with some which were not as good. However, Middle School has been a great experience that I will remember forever. I have met fantastic people and spend plentiful time with friends – which have been essential throughout the whole academic year. Middle School has provided many places in which I have been able to play and hang out with my peers, and I will truly miss not having next year due to all the memories I will take with me. These places have primarily been the following: the wooden bench next to the football pitch, the science lab, and my classroom. My classroom has been the place where I have spent the most time, and where I’ve truly laughed and learned the most. I have enjoyed all the projects we have done, all the jokes and I’ve been very lucky to have my best friends in class because last year I truly missed them in England. Inside my classroom, there have been many difficulties along the way, like exams; however, I’ve learned that with effort everything turns out good and you have to move forward and accept that not everything will happen as you expect it to do so. And, this is the reason which makes me be truly thankful for my classroom and my teachers.

However, in all those bad moments, I’ve always had the help and care of my friends. I have learned what it means to have a good friend and be able to count on her always. I have had many great moments with all of them and thanks to you we’ve had great conversations in some places around the school. For years, I and my friends have enjoyed spending calm and nice times sitting down on the bench of the patio. There, we have laughed a lot and played in a nice and cool environment. I will especially remember all those times we have sang our own rap songs which included the Wordly Wise words we had to learn for the exams. I also will remember all the races we have made, each day of the year, to see who got the bench which was closest to the shadow; it has been a tradition since the first week of school. And, although it may sound weird, thanks to this particular bench, I’ve got to know my friends better and I’m truly thankful for all the great memories I will take with me.

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Lastly, good moments have also taken part inside the walls of your building. The funniest moments have, without a doubt, occurred in the science lab. Not only have I enjoyed the experiments and the science we had done and learned throughout the year but I have had a lot of fun too. For example, one of the funniest moments was when we were throwing tomatoes out of the windows during a class activity and one fell in top of me; it was quite disgusting although I will truly remember this particular moment. Another fun day was when the whole class was crying of laughter due to some jokes some of my peers said. These moments have replaced many bad ones and I will truly miss this room next year. Overall, I thank you for the wonderful places you have provided us with and I will honestly miss you next year.

Good Bye,


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