Dead path by Elly Griffiths Review

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Ruth Galloway, 40 years old, unmarried, is archeology lecturer at the University of North Norfolk, Specialty forensics. Along with two cats they inhabited a small group of three houses on the edge of the salt marsh. She feels good, almost attracted to this relentless, desolate landscape.

Two little girls, Lucy Downey and Scarlet Henderson, have disappeared within ten years. Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson is working with full commitment to the cases. When he gets then twelve more mysterious anonymous letters, he turned to Ruth.

Can it perhaps suggest some parts (we learn in this regard much about Norse mythology) and find clues to the missing children

Detective Nelson and Ruth go to the salt marsh to the place of archeological finding – this is a “narrow arm with a Taufarmband”. Are these the remains of an infant? Is it a bog body, or is it the remains of missing Lucy? The horror … What all this may yet come to light?

The author observed scenes of action and those with a sharp eye.

Ruth’s lonely house, her job at the university, their relationship with parents and colleagues, the reader can easily imagine. The November Mood in the Moor ( “a godforsaken, inhospitable marshland”) and his own typical flora and fauna captures the author with her empathetic description very well and speaks all our senses: We literally feel the wetness, the Opaque and the quietly perceived noise sound like amplified. Our shudder, shiver and shudder at its height when we learn that there is at this point a henge – a Stone Age circular earthen wall that served as a place of worship for the gifts and sacrifices as early as the Iron Age.

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A perfect setting for an exciting forensic thriller.

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