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David is the main character in the film “Tsotsi”, because he lives in secrecy he also goes by Tsotsi in the story. Living a life of crime he took to the shacks of Soweto in order to hide from his wrongdoing. The story is told with emotion and transformation.

The audience watches David go from a heartless killer to a man who becomes selfless and loving. During the film there are key scenes where David’s progress is really shown. Three of the most important scenes are when he decides not to leave the baby stranded in the car by himself, when he has the flash back about id mother, and when he kills Butcher to save John Dube.

David’s story is not typical, he is a man who shows his heart despite all the wrong actions he does throughout the film.

David stated becoming a new person when he didn’t kill the baby. After shooting a woman to steal the car she was driving, Tsotsi quickly realizes he had stolen more than just a car.

While he drives a small child begins to cry in the back seat. He then pulled the car over looking for and valuable goods and then he starts to walk away from the car. As he walks away the baby begins to cry even louder, this is when David turns around to go back for the child. At this moment he is already becoming a better person, just a day ago he had a man killed, but now he was potentially saving a life.

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The car wasn’t found until the next morning, which means that the baby would have been lift outside all night if David hadn’t taken him. He put is wants aside to think about some one else in need. His transformation began with a baby no bigger that a bag of flour. The flashback David had about is mother made him more of an emotional person.

When first asked about is mother and family, David became very angry. As the movie proceeded he began to think about his past and where he came from. His mind begins to wonders as he pictures his mother on her deathbed, tears fill his eye and the real reason why he is so destructive is revealed. Isreal, Tsotsi’s father yells at him telling him to stay away from his mother. While young David is being yelled at, the much older David is pulled back into that moment and is childlike once again. In the flashback all he wanted to do was be with his mother, but now he himself was preventing a child from being with his. David’s emotions allowed him to realize how important it was for the baby to be with Mrs. Dube. Killing Butcher showed the true growth David went through during the film.

When faced with the choice to kill his friend in order to save an innocent life David choose the right thing. Keeping John Dube alive I believe was a peace offering, after all David did put Mr. and Mrs. Dube through hell. He was now killing with a purpose and could have he had a good reason for what he did. Even though he failed many test given to him in life, killing Butcher was one of the best decisions he had ever made. Transformation is one of the main themes in the film. David in a shot period of time became a different person with the help of a baby and his past. He is the perfect example of how life is suppose to work, make mistakes, realize them, and change.

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