Culture History Of Denmark

Denmark is an amazing colorful place with lots of buildings. Denmark has some beautiful art and museums all around Denmark has some wild history behind it. The country is nice with some great interesting geography. You might want to learn something about the people and society in Denmark. Not just that but we can also talk about the culture. I’m going to tell you about the history of Denmark. Denmark has one of the oldest monarchies in the world. The Danish Monarchy was established around 935AD by Gorm the Old, who ruled a unified Denmark until his death around 958AD.

Not just that but Denmark has found many historical viking remainings. The viking age began in Denmark in 793 AD. Archaeologists discovered how Vikings master sailing to the point they’d get to the coast of England where the locals didn’t expect anything. Vikings that so quick they would go despoil the victim and leave. Deer antlers were often used as needles.

They were also used as many other tools. “The Vikings’ ship-building craft reached a high point in the 7th century when they invented the keel, a structural beam that runs from the bow to the stern and sits lower than the main body of the ship. “ Do you know what vikings wore? Well let me tell you they usually wore leather and metal- frame helmets and face masks. They usually always had horns. Vikings were also grimy’s archaeologists found spoons and some of their belongings which seemed like they didn’t care about their hygiene.

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Vikings had good income because of them raiding and warring. Although they had good income they would still go home and work on their farms. The Scavillian people were spread to have bigger farmlands so their armies were divided into different groups. Although they were spread out they kept the tradition.

The viking men were big and muscular, due to the short summers they would have to work really hard to get all their crops ready. Scavillian people were also smaller due to this because they would eat way less.  Denmark’s original language is Danish. This language originally came from the Old Norse which was a germanic language. The Danish language is spoken by 6 million people. There’s a really cool thing to the Danish language they can actually pretend to speak three different languages. Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian come from the Old Norse. In the Danish language there are three extra vowels compared to the English language. “Danish Language Facts Denmark’s geography is mostly flat lands. There is no elevation except for the Jutland Peninsula area. The Jutland peninsula is only 101 feet above sea level. Denmark’s highest point is Mollehoj it is 560.6 feet. Denmark’s lowest is Lammefjord which is 22.9 feet below sea level. The country has over 440 islands. Denmark’s largest island is Zealand. It also has a lot of river.

How are the people in Denmark? The people in Denmark tend to be white tall and usually have blue eyes. That does not mean they are all like that but that’s usually what they look like. They are Nordic Scandinavians, some of these people can have German ancestry. Denmark’s people have a very high standard of living. Each Danish family get 1,500 dollars a year for each kid that’s under 18 years old. Denmark’s culture is amazing. The people there usually eat a type of sandwich called smorrebrod. The sandwiches are made of cuts, cheese, pieces of dark, and rye bread. In Denmark bikes are a big thing. They are often use as transportation. Achirei, Cornel, et al.

Denmark’s economy is the 12th most freest in 2018. This country provides all of its citizens with free education, health care, and other benefits. The standards of living there are also high. Denmark has been a commercial bridge between central Europe. Denmark also has one of the highest GDP’s in the world. Their economy is strong because of foreign trading, other services, and manufacturing. Denmark has over 5.5 million people. The public schools are free, five out of six kids go to school. One out of six go to private schools. The towns are responsible for primary and lower secondary education. Education in Denmark is very important and it is a priority to the country. As I said in the beginning Denmark is a very amazing place. It has a lot of incredible places. It is also a very neat place to live. Denmark also has an interesting back story to it. I’d consider going to Denmark at least to visit. You will learn a lot and not just that but it will be an amazing experience.

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